I LOVE cake pedestals. They are perfect for making everyday goodies like cookies and cupcakes feel like an extravagent indulgence, or they can look elegant just sitting on a counter top or table. I stack everything from skulls (only around Halloween, I promise!) to cloches to candles on them to create interesting vignettes around the house, not just in the kitchen.

Another thing I love? Antique china. The more worn the better, because hey that’s what plates are for right? I love the idea of someone sitting down to regular dinners on such beautiful plates. Often these plates do not come in complete sets and acquiring a set would be very time consuming and expensive. Over the years I have collected various plates that I found charming and inspiring thinking “I will do something with them someday”. Well, today is that day! I want to share them all with you.

Each antique plate and base have been hand chosen and assembled by me with love. Love of sharing, love of having a purpose, and love of creating.
I have MANY more to share over the coming weeks, and until WhiteBerry has been adapted to add WhiteBerry Gateau please feel free to email me with any questions on diameter, size or make of any particular plates.

Platters are full blown dinner plates, and pedestals are smaller side plates. They look amazing all staggered across a sideboard, or you even stack a pedestal on a platter for a tiered cake plate.

Hope you love them as much as I do~


25 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. i recently stumbled upon your site & LOVE your style! it's completely different from mine, but still inspiring :)

    love the cake platters, my favorite of this bunch is the francais pedestal


  2. Oh, how totally awesomely lovely! My favorite was the Francais as well, but the Crema is really pretty, and since purple is my favorite color, I also really loved the dainty little Farago.
    The stacked version is the best- the gold trim with the cream cupcakes looks SO elegant, I don't know who wouldn't want that at their table (always such good eye for working color in scrumptious ways!)

    I'm curious how you put the 2 peices together so they stick without breaking (though I'm not asking you to spill your secret). Your new creation is exciting, and I wish you luck! Thanks for sharing (sorry I had so much to say- they're just so fun).


  3. These are so lovely, I especially love the snowflake one. These have actually been on my “to make” list but haven't found just the right plates just yet! Seeing yours has renewed my zeal to make some! Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. Found you very randomly. i heart the francais!! WOW! i like the simplicité, too. I like to put ornaments in bowls but I think I might try the cake pedestal thing, too. Cute idea!


  5. LOVELY!!! I have been collecting cake pedestals for a few years now, and so of course I'm drooling over your collection. Hmm (she types as she scratches her head) it is fast approaching the holiday season, no? Perhaps I'll add these to my wish list… ;)


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