Happy Valentine’s Day

Do you have a Valentine? I hope so! Everyone deserves a Valentine at least one day a year. I can’t help but being thankful for having 4 of them 365 days a year.

Even though it would be nice to go out on a fancy date to a nice restaurant, our “date” will be in the kitchen at 10am. You see, Sean works at noon (usually until 10 or 11pm) so we will have a romantic party of 5, comprised of three humans and two dogs, a little earlier than most.

We will be toasting to “us” over Shirley Temples (orange juice+ginger ale+grenadine=heaven!).

Savouring pink meringue cookies.

And ripe ruby-red strawberries.

Not to mention opening a card or two (thanks mom & dad!).
From our family to yours, have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine’s Day

19 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Sounds like a great morning. I love the photos. I just wanted to tell you… I enjoy your blog sooo much. You have the perfect mix of yourself, your home, your family, and your lovely work. I know this sounds awful, but sometimes I get sooo sick of seeing peoples children alll the time. But when I see photos of Wren I LOVE them. I love seeing your house with your darling baby crawling all over it. =) Happy Valentines Day Holly!


  2. Delightful! Nothing beats a little grenadine! And, dogs licking your face. Just visit my blog and you will know! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your sweeties.


  3. Oh, that sounds like such a lovely morning! I love all the pink and red touches. I feel pretty lucky to have my year-round valentine's, too. ;)

    Loving your blog — as usual. Just wanted to let you know!


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