dining room progress…

I have a few things to shuffle around, depending on where our new (old) loveseat ends up at the end of the week. I think we are getting close to a permanent set up in the living room and dining room that I really love. Boy, did we come a long way from this.

Here is the big burden that had taken over the center of the room until yesterday.

And this was the HUGE armoire we magically moved upstairs. It is an unbelievably heavy piece of furniture, and it kind of took over the room before.

I still love this armoire to death but it really just didn’t fit in here.

One new addition to the room is a couple of antique chairs. Last week I acquired a lovely antique pedestal table and 5 mismatched chairs.
2 were this style:

and 3 were a little simpler in this style.
It is very uncharacteristic of me, but I actually love the old patina the chairs have from decades of love in someone’s kitchen. Perhaps they will see the sprayer someday, but not right now~
I decided to move my wingbacks into the living room right now, and 2 of the old wood chairs are the perfect compliment to the clean lines of the white dining chairs.

Since the dining set was not really complete, the table is in rough shape, and I have no use (or space) for yet another dining table right now, I am planning on cutting down the base, painting it and turning it in to a fabulous, huge coffee table for the living room.

dining room progress…

26 thoughts on “dining room progress…

  1. Your house is so beautiful! I love those lovely wooden chairs….and the contrast with the white. Your gorgeous wing chairs fit in so well in the living area too! Don't you just love switching stuff around? It's like you see it all in a new light :)
    Happy weekend!


  2. I love the reflection in the television- so funny! Is it the abominable snow monster from Rudolph?

    You are so amazing- so inspiring- your work is beautiful and your home is unbelievable!!!!



  3. Ha, I like the monster in the tv refelction (wanna know something weird? He showed up in my dream last night. I had a funny 'bad' dream about being scared of some big creature, then it turned into that Yeti, and I was like “oh it's ok, we're just in Monster's Inc.,” then I woke up). I don't know why you needed to know that, it just reminded me of my dream. haha
    Anyway, these pictures are even more gorgeous and give a better idea of how big the space is and how your rooms flow together so beautifully! Glad you're getting things worked out in new ways you like even better :) Did you paint and redo that armoir before moving it upstairs, or did you keep it cherry like that?
    Your wingbacks are just SO pretty, and your coffee table idea is really cool, is it as daunting as I'd imagine to cut down the base of a table that much while keeping it level? I'm not sure I'd know what to use.
    Anyway, good luck with all that, and your impending laundry-room d-day, too :)


  4. I love your ebony floors against all the white! I'm doing everything all white as well in our home and we bought darker cherry wood to lay down b/c I wanted something different than the light birch everywhere. This ebony is awesome! You are so talented and I agree, your home and your work should be featured in a Magazine!


  5. Looks great Holly! I wish I lived near you and can see it in person, because I bet the pictures don't even do it justice. I really like the wing back chairs in the living room.


  6. Okay Girlie,

    Ive got a question about slipcovers. I saw in your recent post you are going to slip cover that new sofa and I LOVE the look of these chairs. So you make them, buy them or have someone else make them??? I don't sew :( but I want some slip covered chairs like this! Tell me how I can have some …lol



  7. Holly, I just love everything you have been doing… so inspiring! Do you have a heater in your studio, how do you handle all this painting in the cold weather? Also…I have an armoire very similar to the one you have (that you magically moved upstairs) It is currently in our bedroom and I do love it but it doesn't really go with everything anymore… I'm not sure I should paint it though, and others have told me not to. What are your plans for the one you have? Thanks :)


  8. I was going to ask about the abominable snowman in the reflection, but several have beaten me to it! I'm glad there's not a reflection of my rooms in most of the pictures I take in my house, because people would be Downright Horrified. ;)


  9. Stace, it would take me well over a year to complete a project like one of those slipcovers LOL. I have a seamstress who does all the tough work, like actually sewing. I just get to come up with the ideas ;)


  10. LOVE that your keeping those antique chairs wooden for now – I totally agree about their beautiful condition! Plus the addition of a little natural wood work tossed in with all your crisp white looks great!


  11. great idea to mix the warm wood chair with the rest of the white. that little piece of rusticity is the perfect compliment to the crisp white. you are cozy casual to a tee! love it!


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