White Berry News

I was going to wait until I had the site all complete (which will be very soon) but I just cannot wait to share with all of you, my friends! Lately I have been finding some lovely little and BIG treasures that really need little or no work, all the while I am quickly running out of useable space here at the house. So I will be unveiling a new section on White Berry of beautiful found objects. Currently, it will focus on furniture but perhaps someday it will evolve into a little bit of everything.

I am also excited to break down the website a little more and make it much more user friendly for all my clients as well as adding a seperate line of upholstered and slipcovered items. And don’t forget, I now offer shipping across Canada (rates vary per location and weight of furniture) for pieces that meet height restrictions!

Or course, this is only possible thanks to your kindness and support. And as always you make this job too darned fun!!!

White Berry News

16 thoughts on “White Berry News

  1. Oh wow…almost speechless. Your furniture is just beautiful. Can you come and live in Australia please?? Canberra specifically…you'd be made most welcome!! All the very best with your reinvention…not that you'll need any luck.


  2. That is wonderful news! I just love to see your business grow and I adore checking out your latest reinvented pieces. Your blog is so fun…thanks for sharing your work!


  3. Very exciting that is awesome!! I sure do wish I lived near you for 2 reasons- I'd love to buy a piece or two and I would love for you to be in my mommy play group. You seem so sweet and you'd and Wren would be so fun to hang out with!! Hopefully maybe one day you can ship little things to the US!! :o)


  4. You have a wonderful blog and the furniture is beautiful.
    What kind of paint do you use?
    Do you a primer first?
    I love white but and would like to paint furniture but i don't know what paints to use.
    I would be very grateful for help!
    Good Luck!


  5. Holly – I'm so excited that you're now shipping across Canada! Everything you do is absolutely fantastic! I wish I would have known a week ago because I just bought a 'Whiteberry-like' dresser to use as a change table and would have preferred the real deal ;-) I'll have to keep my eye out for something else!


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