Sean’s Post

As I have been given full reign on the blog I figure we would chat about cars, action packed movies, maybe some sports and other slightly more Manly stuff. However if I ever plan to write in the near future I better stick to some boundaries. Now I really wanted to go into some masculine design – decorating, but thought instead I would post some pictures of our progress here in So Cal. Wren seems to find the pool quite outrageous. Then she tops off the excitement with some classic bubble popping.

So long, for now! And I’ll try to be a speedy poster in the future.
I am just going to have Holly sign off this post with her signature below.
(I wish I knew how to change that)
Sean’s Post

14 thoughts on “Sean’s Post

  1. Hi Sean!
    I met Holly years ago on a fashion forum. I love reading about all your home projects and family adventures! Great pictures of Holly and Wren! Look forward to reading more of your posts! You might of started something… I think my husband may have to do a “JR post” :O)


  2. Great Job Sean, this may just be my favorite Fun Lane post – 1. Because Wren is too stinkin cute 2. I love seeing Holly outdoors enjoying an afternoon with Wren and 3. Man, that is one fantastic yard you guys have. Thanks for sharing, can't wait for your next post!!


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