Mailing List

Tonight I am pretty darned proud of myself. As most of you already know, for all intents and purposes I am completely technologically illiterate. So it is quite the feat that I have established a mailing list *insert golf clap*.

If you are in the Edmonton area (or are interested in having items shipped) and want to see the latest and greatest White Berry items before they get snapped up or placed online just drop me a line at with “mailing list” in the subject and you are in!

Thank YOU for all the support and love, WhiteBerry VIP’s!

Mailing List

3 thoughts on “Mailing List

  1. I am having an absolute nightmare of a time shipping my first piece of furniture from Missouri to Georgia. I got it to the post office today and it was 2 inches too big!!!!!!! Who do you ship through????? After all the “box drama” I had, I really thought this box was perfect and it'd get sent. Grrrr……


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