Door scores

So now that I have told you all about my crazy chandelier/plant frenzy of yesterday afternoon I am happy to report that I actually got the front porch all spiffy today and won’t leave you hanging indefinitely.

Well, kinda. Here is what our door looked like this morning. Please don’t laugh, and no, I haven’t the faintest idea what is etched into our door. It could be some type of native american curse, but I am leaning towards just plain weird.

In fact I am very excited because tonight we spent a whole hour drawing up custom door designs to switch out the door and 70’s side windows to a set of black french doors. Won’t that look great?? The outside has been on our back burner but I really want to add a little curb appeal this year before the frost sets in again…

Now back to our make-over (part 1, part 2 being the new door…).

I saw this chandelier on clearance at HomeSense yesterday for $60 and thought it was mighty cool. But what do I need another chandelier (without electricity mind you) for around the house?
Then I saw another in a different aisle and it hit me that I should hang them over my urns!

Just before that we had picked up some boxwood for the urns. I didn’t want to go too girly and fussy with flowers, specially because it is a covered porch and doesn’t get a lot of direct light. And I like to think these feel a little old-world France or Italy.

So now I just need to:
1. get new french doors.
2. have stucco painted grey.
3. get a new light fixture.
4. actually put candles on the chandeliers…

hopefully not in that order, and hopefully sooner than later.

Keep in mind that our front porch is WELL protected with huge trees as well as a portico so the chandeliers are really protected from wind and the elements. Definitely don’t attempt this in front an antique stained glass window on a windy hill or anything, k?
Now tell me the honest truth, is it pure genius or just crazy?
Door scores

47 thoughts on “Door scores

  1. Holly, I love the concept but I wonder if the chandeliers might be a little lost when the stucco goes gray. I'm not sure I have a suggestion for you, since I think that if they went black to match the urns and new door, they would lose a lot of their their “lightness.” I guess, knowing your general palette, I would paint them a bright white to stand out from the door and walls. Think you might have some white paint lying around? : )


  2. I've had one hanging from my porch roof for about a year with taper candles in it and it's worked out just fine. We never light it unless we are sitting out there but through the windy winter, it's been fine and I didn't even have to remove the candles from it. They stayed put.

    I think they look nice!


  3. I can't wait to see it with the new french doors!!

    Maybe it's all my years of working in a dental office talking, but the carvings in your door look like molars.

    PS: I made those chocolate meringues last night. Oh. My. Gawd. I'm not really into meringues, but these are so good. I took 2 with me to work and had them with coffee and they tasted even better. The coffee really brings out the chocolate flavor. Thanks for the recipe!


  4. Aside from the hideous door (seriously, can you paint it in the meantime?!), I love the porch! It's decorated, but not too fussy. I do agree that the grey of the chandelier might get lost against grey stucco, but that is quickly remedied with a can of paint if it really is a problem.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!


  5. Maybe it looks different in person, but I really like your front door. It's one of those things that I'd flaunt rather than “fix”. Would I be crazy to suggest painting the one wacky panel on it black?


  6. I think your front door is actually pretty awesome. Couldn't you just paint it and the trim around the sidelights a charcoal color when you paint the house grey, or even just replace the door with a glass door (simple, with wide trim around the glass). Seems a lot cheaper and more unique, and then the front door will still be lined up in the middle of your stoop (I like the symmetry you have going on and think the french doors might mess that up). I love everything you've done with the styling!


  7. I really can see your vision! I'd just run a coat of paint over the door and 70's window frames while waiting for your French doors. At the very least I would run some paint over the side windows… for me it makes things tolerable a while longer if I change it just enough to be different and easy on the eyes.

    Those chandeliers are gorgeous! Can I step up in line with everyone else who would like to have them also? lol

    Have a beautiful day sweet lady:)


  8. M says:

    I like your door! I think the french doors would be prettier though. For the chandeliers, I like them but I wonder if you could pop off the candle holders? They seem out of place without candles. Is your husband handy? I would also spray paint them to make them pop!


  9. i LOVE the chandeliers. yes, you are a genius! such a good idea and they look great. i'm with you on the door…weird. BUT the french doors will look totally awesome. i can't wait for the end result!


  10. I think the chandeliers look amazing!! And that door definitely has some character, I'd love to hear the story behind it from the previous owners. Interesting…

    Love that doormat with the 'B' too!!


  11. Right now with everything going on, it looks busy. The urns, chandeliers, light, mailbox & they're all competing with that door (which I like but it's definitely not in keeping w/your aesthetic). So in theory, it works, but for right now, they should probably come down until you get more of your other elements in place.


  12. Oh, you so need to make that door into a table. White paint, carvings…would make a great table of some sort! I do love the chandeliers and wish I could do that here. Looks lovely!


  13. I love the idea of the black french doors, but I think your door is actually kind of awesome. It would look great painted black or white, especially with the stucco painted white.

    Maybe you could turn it into a table or something when you remove it?


  14. The timing for this post is perfect… i just came inside from planting hydrangeas on either side of my front door, and I've been on the hunt for something to go in between my windows and door – this is an AWESOME idea!! And french doors? Gorgeous.


  15. Hi Holly! Love your site.I've been following you even before your blog. We have very similar style tastes. You have great ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. :)
    I don't know if you're interested but I just saw Restoration Hardware has these fabulous no flame pillar candles that are programmable. I think those would be a great solution for your chandeliers.
    Can't wait to see the finished result!


  16. Looks better already! I was just going to do this with urns and boxwoods by our front door. Too windy here for chandeliers though. But yours look great!


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