French side table

I am hoping to address a reader request later today, doing a post about the various frames and art around the house. I get a lot of emails about this too so I think it will answer a few questions.

But until then, just thought I would share a little French table that has stolen a few hearts (including mine). It will be taking a journey today to new home a little ways away~

I just love the classic lines of French provincial pieces.

It isn’t too often I find one with an adorable drawer like this one has.
Wouldn’t it be a cute nightstand?

I totally love this piece, but am happy it is going to a loving new home~
French side table

6 thoughts on “French side table

  1. I LOVE this table. I have some similar tables (no drawers unfortunately) in my living room. They're almost identical lines and colours – this post just might make me consider a face lift. It is just so darn cute!!


  2. SG says:

    Your page is great! I found an awesome nightstand like this today at Goodwill for $6! Any paint brands you recommend? Primer?

    Did you let the old finish be the distressed coat underneath or did you paint for the undercoat too?


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