Driftwood Dresser

I don’t come across super duper bleached wood dressers often, so I was really charmed by this antique piece. It ended up sitting on my to-do list for over 6 months, which actually isn’t as long as some that are yet to be worked on, but I was excited to get to it because I had a plan in mind right from the start.

A chalky cream paint, worn down in areas and rubbed into the wood in others, feels fresh, but not new.

To me, nothing feels more “beachy” than old pewter. I love that the shell pulls mimic the arch of the bottom feet.

I wanted the grain of the wood to peek through since it has a beautiful color and the wood is all cut on the diagonal.

I am always asked by clients “what is your favorite style?” as far as furniture, and while I love the romantic, airy feel of french provincial pieces, these chunkier, heavy pieces are actually where my heart is. I never get tired of these cottage, beachy guys.

Driftwood Dresser

18 thoughts on “Driftwood Dresser

  1. my childhood furniture set is in that style, it's natural wood with an heavy coat of varnish.

    What you did to this one is really great! makes me want to do it for my set (as I still use it…) Maybe they'll feel more grown up ?
    thanks for sharing


  2. Will you come to my house and paint everything white? Then you could use it as a (not so near the) beach vacation house. I live by the ocean…well, about 3 miles from the coast. I would cook for you. Pleeeease


  3. You do such an amazing job with furniture! I've only had the guts to play with cheap Goodwill frames, but this is totally inspiring me to hit that next level!


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