Fresh Coat Fridays

If you’ve stopped by in the last day or so and happened to notice a new button over on the left hand side bar, you were probably wondering what that heck that is? Ta Da!

It’s our newest blog feature! Starting next Friday, and every Friday afterwards I want YOU to share your projects with me. You can do that by either submitting your images (before and after, or just after if you like) to me by email and I will be happy to post them, or you can link your blog/website in our link generator that will be at the bottom of every Fresh Coat Friday post so we can check out what you have been up to!

There is really no limitation on Fresh Coat Fridays, it can be anything from a piece of furniture to a wall to a painting. Anything you have painted, recently or maybe just a good project you want to share again, can be shared!

So get your brushes wet and ready to share for NEXT Friday.

Fresh Coat Fridays

22 thoughts on “Fresh Coat Fridays

  1. Oooh can't wait to see your latest and greatest Annie!! I really LOVE seeing color (just can't seem to live with it LOL), so I am excited to live vicariously through you and everyone else who prefers to create colorful projects~


  2. Holly you are always full of great ideas!! Like Annie I too am a color freak ….but appreciate and enjoy the clean crispy white rooms you create!! Looking so forward to the new blog button!!


  3. I just repainted some tables this past weekend! And I plan to do a different piece of furniture this weekend! Your blog is very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


  4. SUCH an awesome idea Holly! (you are full of them)…I can't wait to submit and also see everyone else's projects! What a great way to link us all who love to paint together!!


  5. Great idea! I love it when my favorite blogs go interactive. I've got a submission in mind already and this motivates me to get on a couple of other projects sitting around the house!


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