Wren’s Reno

When we first moved in back in August 2008 we were racing against a fairly tight deadline: Wren’s birth! We thought we had until the end of January so we starting ripping out carpet pretty much immediately. Within a couple months we had the floors installed, and by the end of November we had the beadboard up and finished. By mid-december we had everything finished, and just in the nick of time because Wren made her debut early a week before Christmas!
As she has gotten older we have made some adjustments (click here to see the original reno) so take a peek at how things have changed as our little bird becomes a toddler.

Come on in! Wren loves having guests.

We repurposed this little bird cut-out I made for her original nursery after I found this mirror out thrifting. The mirror broke but the frame was so beautiful and I didn’t have any oval shaped artwork so I just kept it simple and left the bird on the wall.

Wren’s bedding was how the whole color scheme came to life. I had drooled over Rachel Ashwell’s tie-dye crib set for months, and when I went to purchase it at her old Newport Beach store I was thrilled to find it was discontinued but they still had a couple pieces left. The crib skirt was $29 and the bumper was $49! I am trying to figure out how to have them repurposed for her big-girl room I love them so much~
The artwork above her crib is a Field Trip print mounted on wall paper in an antique frame.

Originally her change table, the vintage dresser (found on craigslist for $20 and jazzed up with some vintage enamel numbers) now contains mostly socks and books. She LOVES to read and while out treasure hunting I always manage to bring home a few more so these are just the most popular.
The pom-poms come from Michael’s and the lamp was a gift from Aunt Kate.

We picked up this big antique cabinet last November for $140 after stalking it at a local store for close to a year (click here to get the scoop on our find). It is by far one of the funnest thing I’ve ever bought!

The chair was a discontinued style from Ikea we picked up for $150 and the ottoman is the Ektorp.
The light fixture was a $19 Home Sense deal.

My mom gave us the blue quilt which was made for me as a baby by family members.

Originally Wren’s room was quite white. I think people thought that was strange and that kid’s rooms should be colorful and fun, not stark and sterile white. But I knew that as she got older toys, blankies, and books would all become part of her room…. which are all colorful. So to keep it calm and not overwhelmingly vibrant we keep the mainstays light and let the accessories add the fun.

I like that things don’t match and that virtually everything is a different shade of blue. The round pillow is an old Simply Shabby Chic purchase from target, and the knitted teal pillow was an Anthropologie sale find.

We try and keep it to white and blue, but there are little hints of every color.
like the pompoms on pillows…

or the ruffles on her crib bumper.

Thanks so much for stopping by and playing a while in Wren’s well lived, well loved in bedroom!
Wren’s Reno

36 thoughts on “Wren’s Reno

  1. it looks UH-mazing Holly. and you know how much i loved it before! i'll be updating Jack's room soon to suit his growing personality and not so little anymore little body! lol. looks like you had fun updating, and Wren has got to have fun in there playing and learning and growing. LOVE it.


  2. I LOVE all the white…in fact before I even started following your blog I came across a pic of it and have it saved in a folder for “future ideas”! :) Love it all..


  3. You've done a beautiful job with Wren's room! What a fun room she has! It's delightful with the pom poms hanging and all the pops of color throughout. What a little show place….one of the prettiest little girl's rooms I have ever seen. Wonderful photos.


  4. I could swear those pom poms are those round scubby thingys used instead of wash clothes for a bath or shower!!

    That could be an idea for anyone else wanting to do something similar..(just stretch them out a bit)


  5. OMG…I adore your room!!! Over the past couple of months, I have been thinking and rethinking and you have inspired me…I going to do my daughter's room in those amazing tones. So elegant and tranquil. I love the details. Fabulous job!


  6. Can I ask how you created such beautiful pom poms. I have tried to make some that had step by step instructions from Martha Stewart but they turned out dull, small, and un-fluffy (if that is such a word) unlike yours. Would love to know if you have any special tricks to making them as beautiful as yours.




  7. I just had to come back and look at the reno, since it'd been awhile, and your post on her future big-girl bed got me thinking about it. And man, this is Absolutely my favorite room of your house! Are there design contests you could enter, because this room would win some serious prizes! :D

    (ps- can you tell us what you used to hang the poms from the ceiling without the mounting being obviously visible? Thank you!)


  8. Imagine my complete shock when I realized that this is the same room I have dog-eared in a magazine that came in the mail not too long ago? I LOVE everything about it! I don't think it's stark at all…so inviting, yet calm and soothing. Perfect for a little girl!

    I'm using this as a loose guideline for our little gal's playroom, including those fun pompoms!


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