Prairie Summers

One thing I love about our prairie summers is that it can be hot and sunny all day, but our evenings are very kindly cooled down by refreshing showers, sometimes even thunderstorms. It always feels like a perfect ending to a day like today, spent outside since early morning both painting and gardening. Of course the downside is that I often face a time limit and the count down begins on getting everything back inside once the distant skies start to darken. But once we are all inside and the rain begins it really feels almost like a little bit of a fairy tale!

I am currently enjoying just such a day, and while I am waiting for some primer to dry on my fifth dresser of the day I am enjoying catching up with some of my favorite blogs (and some new ones too, thanks to Fresh Coat Friday!). In the midst of my client jobs this week I also squeezed in quite a few of my own projects, as I am attempting to draw down the mounting pile of recent finds blocking my older finds. I would prefer to be a first in-first out kinda gal, but it seems to last in-first out these days until the blockage has been removed…

By the end of this week you will probably see the first few new items and some of my recent inspiration. Assuming Wren agrees to let me hold a couple photo shoots that is~

Prairie Summers

6 thoughts on “Prairie Summers

  1. Sounds perfectly lovely! Here in AZ it's just hot hot hot all the time in the summer. The evenings cool down a bit – usually into the low 90's. I didn't grow up here (CA girl) so it's rough for me.

    I had to laugh at your first-in, last out issue. We seem to be last-in first-out with our garage stash, too and I'm forever trying to organize it differently!

    Enjoy your beautiful evening!


  2. I could only dream of days like this!

    Here in south Texas, we have days that push 100 degrees followed by afternoon showers that bring 100% humidity!

    Terrible for painting.. But great for the skin!


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