White Berry Found Treasures

Continuing on the topic of White Berry Found Treasures, it has been a while since I have shared any! I love my Found Treasures so much because it is always sweet to think that someone picked up a paint brush decades ago to give their piece a makeover. Old chipping paint is a real inconvenience to some, but I will always love the authenticity of it’s charm.

This lovely vanity already has a new home, but I just had to share because it is so darling.

I love the old porcelin roses painted gold on the mirror frame.

The legs and shape are so dainty~

I think it kind of feels like something fun I might see in an Anthro catalogue!

The faded grey surface just pops off the yellow.

My mom says this is the nicest thing I’ve brought home LOL.

White Berry Found Treasures

11 thoughts on “White Berry Found Treasures

  1. Hi Holly, the dresser is gorgeous and I'm with your mum on this – one of the nicest pieces I have seen on your blog. Sandy xx
    I just got back from the markets and scored some nice finds myself not as nice as this dresser though.


  2. I was just in Anthro and it would totally be something you would see in there. I thought at first the flowers were fabric flowers that you had attached, they are beautiful! It is just a stunning piece, I am in agreement with your momma.


  3. I love that one – its gorgeous. If I had a spare corner myself I would be all over it. The yellow would look amazing here… As always, you have a wonderful eye for treasures!


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