Grey Console

When Sean first saw this dresser he gave me a rather blank stare. He is well aware of my abilities in the field of furniture makeovers, but this one seemed beyond saving apparently.
Of course the hideous gold wheels, imperfect trimwork, uneven sanding and color from a poor refinishing and dingy old knobs aren’t going to be showcased in the latest Style At Home. But the original locking drawer, interesting lip along the back and unique, lower height made it worth the try.
And now I have to say that it is kinda my favorite (and Sean even mentioned keeping it, which can’t happen now that it already has a new home)!
The old wheels had to go! and while removing them I discovered that there were once dainty legs lifting this beauty up that were sawed off to allow the ugly wheels. Makes me kinda sad, but some pretty new nickel casters added a delicate touch.

I LOVE the upper lip along the back. It would be so perfect for a change table or TV console to have that little bit of security and detail.

I did a custom mixed grey that gave me a totally ‘Martha’ vibe, and went with clean crystal knobs. I tried out some different handles, but kept coming back to the knobs.

It also has a lovely little secret in the upper drawer. I am certain this was a hand made piece since there are no stamps or markings anywhere to be seen, and funny little charms like this drawer lead me to believe it was made with a specific task in mind originally.

Gold feet and ugly stain aside, I think this one is a pretty special little gem~
Grey Console

19 thoughts on “Grey Console

  1. i really love this one! what an adorable changing table it would be indeed, especially with that nifty top drawer full of compartments! :)

    quick question (if you have the time to answer busy bee) :)… where did your lovely big white clock come from??? i LOVE it!


  2. Oh Holly I LOVE it!!! I love the new nickel casters…they are perfect…and so is the hardware you chose!!! I almost bought those same wire plant caddy a few months back!!! SO wishing I had bought it now that I see how lovely it looks on your dresser!


  3. Wow, you are talented. I am totally in love with the Restoration Hardware St. James 11 drawer dresser, but not being able to shell out $2500 for one dresser, I think I am going to have to learn how to work magic like you. Please keep 'em coming. I have a lot to learn.


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