crafting, Finds, Wren's Room July 26, 2010

I owe a great big thank you to Amy at Field Trip and Melaine at My Sweet Savannah!!! I entered a giveaway on Melaine’s blog a few weeks ago for one of Amy’s prints and I was so thrilled to win. I NEVER win anything so I anxiously checked the mail daily to see my new artwork!

I chose Amy’s PEACE print, knowing that I wanted to place it in Wren’s room. So of course I love the bird reference with the origami cranes.

I really wanted it to make a statement and feel very whimsical, so I decided to use a frame I had stashed away for yet to be determined projects.

I painted the frame white and distressed it, then lined the back with some left over wall paper.

And finally mounted Wren’s darling new print!

I am hoping that it will give us some PEACE and quiet at bedtime, as lately Wren has not been a very cooperative participant of the bedtime routine…

I also found a little time to finally update the Wren’s Room link under the “Our Renovations” tab. I am hoping that I can finally update the Master link soon as well as add the family room and living room transformations, so stay tuned!
Thanks again Amy and Melaine!!!

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  1. lizibeth says on July 26, 2010

    it turned out so sweet!
    and i LOVE the idea of using a larger frame and lining the back with something – a cheap and super cute “statement piece”


  2. amber says on July 26, 2010

    I absolutely love how you put this together. I am seriously thinking about ordering a print and putting this project in my home. Gorgeous :)


  3. Amanda says on July 26, 2010

    it looks like THE perfect “peace” to hang above Wren's crib. lucky you, lucky Wren! stunning idea girl. i love it.


  4. Lolo says on July 26, 2010

    Wow! It looks amazing :D Im so glad that the giveaway went to someone that could display it so well…!!


  5. Shaunna says on July 27, 2010

    Holly, it's so beautiful! Those touches really make the print stand out. And I was getting ready to hang some poms in my Ava's room, and now I'm sold! Love how clean and soothing her room is…she's really going to appreciate that the older she gets! -shaunna :)


  6. Kathy says on July 31, 2010

    Such a lovely nursery, I believe that might be the same crib (Jenny Lind) that I had my babies in 30 years ago?


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