14 thoughts on “Ghost Lamp Inspiration

  1. I love that look!

    Although, it would need a VERY dim bulb (at least in my house!)

    Hmmm… now that I've thought 'long & hard' about this, hehe — I do have a hanging light above my jewelers bench w/out a shade (because I need the light) where something like this 'may' look good!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I have this same picture saved in my idea files! I have no idea where it came from either but I love it! I tried a deconstructed lampshade but it was too bright. Love the look but not sure it will actually work!



  3. LOVED your ghost lights so much that i managed to find two vintage shades of my own to strip the fabric from in hopes of using them in our kitchen! this photo is absolutely stunning.

    can't wait to try the idea myself! sure hope it turns out half as pretty as yours did.


  4. Love the ghost lamp too, but really a bit too bare for the family to live with. Found an old crochet lace table cloth with larger patterning that has worked a treat on my shades. Sort of skeletal. Will be on the lookout for more open lace than this for my next project. My last blog post had some pics if you're curious.
    Really into these at present.
    BUT… the bulb is too bright too. Must check out something softer.
    Greetings from over here :)


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