Dana’s Letter

Last week I sat down at my laptop to get to some emails that I had seen pop up recently. In particular I saw 3 emails in a row from somebody by the name of Dana reading “from Dana in Nashville” as the subject. When I had a few moments to go through them I was completely awe struck. It was such a heartfelt and thoughtful letter, sharing her philosophy and thoughts on decor along with photos of her home. Kindly, Dana has agreed to let me share her email and photos with you.

“Dear Holly,

My mom, an avid blogger follower, sent me your blog post, Fresh Coat Fridays! So much fun!

I wanted to let you know that you have helped inspire me to ‘get out of the box’ and start exploring creatively….I’m not very technical so I couldn’t even figure out how to ‘join’ your blog, crazy I know.

I have four kids and my husband is a pastor, so my life is already full of interesting people and many challenges. But, love love love to help ladies with their homes, I truly believe that a woman’s heart is not complete and secure if she does not love where she lives. And that does ‘not’ mean it must be grand….or even costly. But she must be at peace with her ‘palace’! I want to help her because the world needs her so badly!! There are so many amazing women out there with gifts untapped because they are overwhelmed for a variety of reasons, sippee cups, pull-ups, stress in marriage, financial strain, teenagers beginning to drive (ugh!),disappointment, unmet expectations…the list goes on and on….Life can kill the dream as the song says, however….I know in my heart that her dream is ‘still’ in there somewhere, the dream of being someone special, influential and unique in this great big world.

I want to inspire women through their homes, even if it’s somthing small like painting a piece that she almost threw out! Or completely re-doing a room from head to toe! My inspiration comes from my belief that every girl is a princess…..still……she twirled for adoring audiences as a child, and no matter what her age, she is still twirling for someone to notice her, to love her and to believe in her! My website/or business name will be: My Splendid Home…..I adore the word ‘splendid’ and I got it from a 14th c. definition of the word ‘palace’…which said, ‘a splendid dwelling place’….hopefully it will convey a picture of what her home ‘can be’….I want to inspire and encourage through personal home design consultation. Because she ‘reigns’ there, her home is a picture and a reflection of her in so many ways. I want her to know she is not limited….her home does not define her, she defines the home, it does not limit her, it reflects her!!

Bless your heart…sorry I’m rambling on, I could go on and on. I am in the infancy stages of my ‘business project’ but I wanted to personally thank you for being part of my inspiration to step out and do something daring. This has been marinating in my heart for many years and I am finally taking steps.

It’s hard to know where to begin, I just need to ‘move’…….

From the great state of Tennessee with it’s lovely hills and heartfelt people…..my thanks to you for being who you are and for enjoying life in the fun lane!!!!


I sure hope Dana gets that blog and website up and running soon so we can continue to follow her fabulous decorating and family adventures!!!
Dana’s beautiful family
a coffee table that she just transformed
Isn’t her home like looking into a dream? It is definitely one of the most inspirational homes I’ve had the priveldge of seeing recently, and I cannot thank Dana enough for allowing me to share a glimpse with all of you~
Dana’s Letter

36 thoughts on “Dana’s Letter

  1. She sounds like a very inspiring lady! I love her ideas behind her business, such a powerful way of looking at home decorating. And what a beautiful home! I wish Dana all the best with her home and new business!


  2. Thank you Dana for writing to Holly. You have so beautifully written exactly what I wanted to tell you after you had a blog “troll” send you a nasty email. Holly, these are the women that keep me going on a daily basis. It was a very sweet woman named Sarah from 'Abeachcottage” blog that helped me so long ago. It was after a very difficult time in my little life that seing her blog helped me rediscover who I was again. It was because of her that I broke out” the white paint” and never looked back. I know how silly that sounds to other people,but it was the very beginning of healing for me. I get up every Saturday and hunt for my new treasures at garage sales. Let me tell you how contagious this is….today my 20 year old son came with! Ha.Sorry how long this is. Holly stay just the way you are look at whats going on around us. No clicky girls here just women really encouraging eachother. Love it and I love your blog! Hugs to beautiful Wren <3 Donna


  3. Dana has a beautiful home and, I too, can't wait for her to start a blog. I sure she will have plenty of followers. I just stumbled across your wonderful blog today and I am now your newest follower. Great site!


  4. GB says:

    Holly, thank you for sharing this…I think Dana's letter has put into words so much of what we as bloggers are trying to achieve as well…It was extremely well written and very touching.

    Best of luck to you Dana, may you bring more beauty into the lives of women you reach out to…….



  5. Dana has a beautiful home. I too, can't wait for her blog. I am sure she will have many followers. I stumbled across your wonderful site today and I am now your newest follower. Great site!


  6. Hi! It's Dana..Big-heart thanks to Holly for posting my email, what a surprise that was! I reached out to my fav blogger, and she 'posted' me…wow! How humbling, your comments have touched me. I truly cannot wait to get my blog up and join each of you in this 'splendid' journey of life in the fun lane. Let's twirl away girls!


  7. Beautiful sentiments, and a beautiful home to match. I've never been sure I could go the all-white route — as pretty as it is — because even my predominantly brown home gets “browner” little by little. The stains just multiply daily! But I adore both of you for the inspiration!


  8. I love the home Dana showed! And Holly, I only recently started following your blog, and I love it! I must've gone back a gillion entries to see all that you've done. I love the style. My mom has that shabby chic style also and I think it sorta rubbed off on me. So our whole house is decked out in antiques and shabby chic things, and I've only recently got an apartment with my sorority sisters, and I've been trying to decorate like so. All your work has given so much inspiration! Thanks! :)


  9. a big hello from australia! i love blogging you holly you are so on the ball with yiour designs and colours. i also love how you keep it real and dont pretend that every thing in your life is perfect especially with a child.
    i also wont to say a hello to dana just do it, you have nothing to lose and every thing to gain. look whats happened, all because you wonted to thank holly for her inspiration. some one from the other side of the world is giving you encouragement as well. love this blogging family!


  10. Is she kidding with this??? This house is beautiful, please send her my way (Pennsylvania) so she can help me feel like a princess in a palace. Also, I want to see more of this lovely house. Thanks Dana.


  11. Holly, many thanks for posting Dana's letter with the wonderful encouraging words and thanks to everyone else for the beautiful comments. She is more gorgeous than her home with a wonderful husband who supports her gifts and talents and four beautiful children. I can say all that as she is my daughter. Its very encouraging for her to hear positive comments from someone other than your mom or the rest of your family as we are always on board. We, as women, need that from other women. Thanks to all of you.

    Dana's mom


  12. Joel,
    One of the whites is Ivory White, the other is Linen White (more creamy, vanilla ice cream-like), both Benjamin Moore!! Don't know the trim color, was already painted–hope this helps :) Dana


  13. teddfoxxFellow Nashvillian here! That's such a great idea Dana. I know so many women's self confidence and pride could be enhanced if someone could help their style dreams become a reality! Love your beautiful white home….my husband says I have an obsession with white :)


  14. Me says:

    Holly…not sure if my original comment posted so I'm trying again. This post is an answer to prayer for me!! I live in the nashville area and would love to contact Dana for help. I am the woman she described in her email that she wants to help. I have a 2 year old and twins that just turned 1 and can not get anything done! I need one room in my house that I love. Can you email her and ask to pass her contact info to me? Thanks!


  15. She has a beautiful home and from the sound of it – a beautiful spirit! I wish Dana the best of luck in her endeavors. Thanks for sharing this – I found it to be so timely and so inspiring.


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