Dining Room…

Big shock guys: I’m redecorating!! This time my efforts have been focused on the dining room, which has turned into a White Berry photo studio as of late after my last “forever” table found a new home. Since dining tables and chairs are big, require a lot of storage and I don’t have space for more than 1 in the house I usually do not paint them without knowing they have a home. Therefore the one or two a year that come into the house are usually purchased as a piece I intend to keep… until someone talks me into parting with them.
Just like the living room, I am starting to feel like I need to “settle” into the dining room and actually have a room that I can live in! So I have been hard at work… and I think you might be surprised!!
You see, we have a show here in Canada called Colin & Justin’s Home Heist (check it out if you love fun decor and really great before and afters!!) and at 4am this past week while I was up with a sick little Wren I happened to catch an episode featuring this dining room:
Beachy, fresh and yet inviting! But totally out of my usual comfort zone as far as the chairs, accessories and light fixture go. Yet somehow I have been thinking of this room for days.
So I have set out to mix everything I love about it with everything I already love. And it is a little different, a little out of the box for me, but it already feels good~
Here are some more beachy dining rooms that I have taken inspiration from and will be referencing as I pull together my “modern beach” dining room!

Can’t wait to share more this week!
Dining Room…

11 thoughts on “Dining Room…

  1. The dining room with the green apples would be one of my favorite
    all time rooms….wow so much to look at and enjoy. poor little Wren hope she is feeling better mama..


  2. Looks beautiful! I'm in the middle of a guest room re-do…I seem to be flipping and settling the whole house, too! Thanks so much for your sweet comments and email about my bathroom reveal! -shaunna :)


  3. I love that IKEA light fixture in the first picture, I have used it many times! Those were all great shots and if you take a little inspiration from any of them, I am sure it will be fab.


  4. Oh i just posted my dining room. I am actually on a mission to decorate my whole house (which is what my blog is about). I am glad I found your blog! I am inspired by so much. AND btw, you wedding was beautiful! I love it!


  5. Holly, you're so funny! That first dining room definitely looks like something you'd pick for me! Not something I'd have thought you would have loved! With that said, I LOVE IT! Please do it and then have a retro dinner party!


  6. I have loved reading through your blog! I am finally starting to feel confident enough to tackle a few pieces of furniture. The only thing I was not able to find was Kilz no sand primer here in the U.S. I was wondering if it goes by another name and is it latex or oil?Thank you so much for posting such clear instructions on everything.


  7. I love that show too & could totally see that first photo working in your space. If you wind up changing out your light fixture, I call dibs! I LOVE it & have the perfect spot. (How nice of me just to help myself hey?) Have a wonderful August! Jaime


  8. Beautiful as always Holly! And so inspiring! I experience withdrawal if I cant read a post on your blog for a day! and for that reason…I have awarded you with the Sweet blogger award! I adore you and your blog…thanks for being so generous and sharing all your creative talents with all of blogland!


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