Laundry Room Reveal!

Hi Everyone!! I have been working hard this week to finally share this with you guys, then sure enough Blogger wouldn’t allow me to log in… but better late than never so I am going to jump right in.
Here is how the laundry looked from the hall pre-reno (Wren will be guiding the before tour for us today):
And here it is today! I am WAYY too impatient to wait for a sunny day to shoot these pics, and as fate dictated it is the rainiest day of the year today… so excuse the slightly cool skew to the photos. The walls are Pratt & Lambert’s Wyndham Grey and I LOVE the bright white ceiling and trim against it~
While it was large and fairly functional before I always had troubles transferring laundry from the wash to the dryer without half of it landing on the floor. We decided that we really wanted them to be close together afterward.

Good bye spackled ceiling and ugly light, hello beadboard and pot lights!

To balance the large cabinet we used these Ikea shelves we had removed from out Master bedroom last year.
Where there used to be a HIGHLY disorganized closet piled high with old shoes there is now a wall of hooks for coats and hats and an antique sideboard.

Only $6 each from Lee Valley, these triple pronged hooks will make it easy to find your jacket!

The cabinet, counter and counter legs all come from Ikea (the legs we found in the as-is section for $7 each!). We left a gap between the cabinet and the washer to shove our laundry bins, which are thankfully tall and narrow.

Additional clutter can be contained in a mixture of new and old canisters and jars.
Bee bucket, $8 TJ Maxx
old tin, $1 Salvation Army

I formerly had flour stored in this glass canister in the pantry ($12, Homesense) , but I just don’t bake often enough to require much flour so I brought it in here to store laundry soap. The soap scoop is an old camping coffee cup I picked up from Salvation army for $1. Oxiclean is stored in an old jar (also $1 from Salvation Army).

I bought these tins years ago at a cute boutique for $12 and they contain extra buttons and threads off clothes in the event we need to find a replacement easily.

The baskets were also old, and just awaiting a new life (their liners were red ticking stripe, but I bleached them to match the white/grey/yellow scheme).
Entering from the garage used to look like this:

Now it feels twice as roomy!
The old apron was my great grandmothers laundry apron and housed all her clothes pins (now displayed in a jar on the shelves).

It is hard to see in the photos, but there is a beautiful vine covering the ENTIRE side of the house and I love seeing it blowing gently out the window in here!
The closet was what greeted you before:

Now it feels a little more romantic and stylish~

So there ya have it! That’s basically what we’ve been up to these last few months.
It took a while because we did it all ourselves on as small a budget as a reno can have.
Don’t believe us? Here’s the breakdown:

Tile, mortar, grout = $350
Paint = $40
Beadboard = $200
Pot lights = $40
Trim and baseboards = $100
Counter top = $110
Cabinet = $450
Counter legs = $15
Hooks = $42
Shelves = repurposed
New accessories = $23
Misc trips to Home Depot = $200

Total: $1570.

Now we feel a little better about tackling the kitchen (hopefully in NEAR future *hint hint*)

Edited to add: If you have any questions about anything, as some of you already have asked in the comments, I will do a seperate post detailing any answers so that it is easy to find for everyone!

Laundry Room Reveal!

107 thoughts on “Laundry Room Reveal!

  1. Hi Holly,
    I am in the middle of a laundry room remodel here and yours is a great inspiration for me! I was wondering how tall your counter is and if you used anything to brace it underneath or if it just sits on the legs. Also, do you like having the wood for a counter top? I was also thinking of going with corian but it is literally 10 times the cost.


  2. This is very beautiful! I was looking for a gray paint for my bedroom and came upon your blog post. Love the difference the pot lights make in your laundry room and the pretty buffet and hooks really add a lot of charm as well! One of my favorite things about your room though is the cute glass jars with soap! How clever!


  3. Hi — this looks amazing. I did not see where you answered some of the questions. Hoping you can email me. I am making a trip to IKEA in a few weeks. I love the cabinet and table for washer/dryer. Which Cabinet did you get? what about the legs? Do they extend?
    Thanks so much.


  4. Hi! I love your laundry room! Very nice! I am looking to do something similar over my washer and dryer. Where did you get the legs from? Did you have to screw them on the counter-top? Or did you purchase it like that?


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