Not deals… STEALS!

What do these two pictures have in common?
Besides causing me to contort my face while doing a victory jump, that is…
They were both among my loot from Home Sense’s final clearance piles, and both are for our “in-progress” dining room re-decorating (we are currently firing on all cylinders here people, so please be patient with the dining and office reveals!). The first tag belongs to another matching chair for my lovely dining room darlings. And to think that I thought $60 was a bang up deal!!! At only $22 I just had to bring it home in the event we ever have more than 4 people over for dinner… well I am actually planning on having two other chairs upholstered in matching linen, but it is always good to have an extra laying around!
And while the other $3 items almost didn’t come home with me I think they are now my favorite addition to the dining room! I saw an arrangement of components scattered on the shelf something like this and just assumed something was broken, lost or ruined. But I really really liked the weathered look of the metal, so it required a closer inspection.

Which was well worth the effort because it turns out they were in perfect condition! I had been looking for sconces for either side of an old painting I have hung in there and while these aren’t exactly what I had envisioned (mainly because I have never seen anything similar before) they are perfectly suited to the coastal/cottage vibe we have going on and you can’t beat $6 for 2!

I have been itching to do another video post so I am thinking it might be fun to do a guided tour of the finished room as a thank you for all your patience, and for letting me gloat over my steals like the wonderful friends you are~
Not deals… STEALS!

28 thoughts on “Not deals… STEALS!

  1. Boy do you ever get some great deals! Wish our Homesense had half the deals or even carried some of the stuff you find! Love the chairs and the sconces.


  2. i'm dying over those sconces!!! especially since i just finished a large ornate chalkboard for our kitchen and decided the desperately need sconces on each side. a steal is right. they're BEAUTIFUL!


  3. dang!! those are some finds..I have been hearing of some great deals over at Homegoods or homesense….I hit Marshalls yesterday but came up empty. I love those sconces are they lights or for candles..can't tell.


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