Meet Odalie

Dining Room, Finds August 29, 2010
Odalie, meet my friends! Friends, meet Odalie.
She is named after Odalie Fox, a character in The Foxes of Harrow by Frank Yerby. And if you have read it by chance you most definitely understand why the name suits her.
As soon as we pulled into the driveway I began scurrying about the house collecting my paint brushes and painters tape. I had doubts about putting a white mirror on a white wall. I had picked up a very nice “greige” recently and had enough to do the whole wall… but Holy, Big Job Batman! I decided to bring her in and take a look before tackling our 18 foot ceilings!
And I am uber thankful we did! Because while it is definitely white and our walls are most definitely white, you can see that there is a subtle difference. Enough to feel peaceful but not too boring. Plus I hadn’t taken into account that surprisingly NOTHING else in the room is white! WHAT??? I am scratching my head on that one still…

She will be hoisted and mounted about 2-3 feet higher for a more dramatic view from the living room and doorway and then it will be time to work on accessorizing some final touches!

I can’t wait to show you a couple other things I have been working on for the dining room, one of which is pretty visible in these shots, the other is a little more elusive!

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  1. J and Company says on August 29, 2010

    Holy cow, no wonder you couldn't sleep at night! Now I won't be able to either! That is amazingly gorgeous and I am just sighing in delight. Wow!


  2. The DG Family says on August 29, 2010

    WOW! She's a beauty!! I am extremely inspired by your work. I bought an old beat up mirror this weekend at Goodwill with the potential of being quite elegant. Fingers crossed :)


  3. lizibeth says on August 29, 2010

    that is soooooo gorgeous!!!
    absolutely love it. <3 <3 <3

    Maybe, if I am really, really good, Santa might bring me one too?


  4. Chelly says on August 30, 2010

    I saw one yesterday at the Mayfield Commons Homesense and fell in love with it as well. If only I had the room…


  5. Kel says on August 30, 2010

    Holy cow!!! I absolutely am in LOVE….with mirrors and that my friend takes the cake. I LOVE IT!!!!!!


  6. Amanda says on August 30, 2010

    i cant put into words how absolutely.freakin.gorgeous. that mirror is. AND, that dining sure looks like its uh-mazing! WOW!


  7. Allison says on August 30, 2010

    I ditto exactly Kacey's comment. I have been dying for that mirror, too! I wish we had a Home Sense here! It looks gorgeous in your house. Your room is stunning.


  8. Sixty-Fifth Avenue says on August 30, 2010

    oh i love her!! she looks perfect, can't wait to see the whole room.

    On a differnt note, I had the worst paint spraying day ever. I didn't clean my gun good enough and it caused major delay. I wonder if I need to soak it in paint thinner after every use, what a pain….


  9. Anne - Fiona and Twig says on August 30, 2010

    This is quite the statement, and utterly gorgeous to boot. Wow!

    I just discovered you on Melanie's (Pretties and Posies) blog roll, how have I missed your beautiful blog thus far?

    Nice to “meet” you!
    Have a wonderful week,


  10. Moa says on August 30, 2010

    Oh my, that is such a GORGEOUS mirror! I've been dreaming about something just like that… I love the white on white too :)

    Take care!



  11. KEO says on August 30, 2010

    Wow, Holly! That looks fantastic!! I have been trying to find a spot in my house for one ever since I ran into you at Homesense…..maybe in my little girl's room??
    It looks amazing in your dining room!


  12. christine says on August 30, 2010

    I, too, had been eying this baby up at Home Sense, but sadly didn't have a spot for it. It looks fantastic in your dining room! I will live vicariously through you ;)


  13. Rebecca says on September 3, 2010

    Horray!!!! It looks stunning in your dining room! Love everything I see in that reflection!!! I can just imagine you guys trying to get that giant mirror home LOL! I still haven't mounted mine yet but as soon as I get this bathroom painted I might put it in there! I'm so in need of a Holly and Rebecca day! I'm gonna email you :)


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