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crafting, WhiteBerry Reinvented September 1, 2010
I packed home this adorable little dresser a few weeks ago. There were no plans to paint it because I love the ‘limed’ wood, so it was destined to be WhiteBerry Found Treasure… kind of. The longer it sat around the more and more attached I became to this bleached-out dresser. But it was very short and had some uglyyyyy handles (not original, so I trashed ’em). Over the span of several Lee Valley runs I tried out numerous styles but nothing felt right.
The knobs were original and I really wanted to keep those so I started thinking about what might look “rustic” enough.
Which is where my love of twine came in handy. I wanted to incorporate knots for a nautical touch so I simply braided some twine, knotted each end…

As well as the insides to secure them. And in about 5 minutes I had myself some FREE handles that perfectly suit the style of the dresser and our dining room.

We also added some casters for some much needed height. Now I am fairly certain that this will be staying put!!
And a big thanks to my sister for her Life in the Fun Lane inspired crafts! We have some major decorating to do at her place this week before she has her first house guests so look out for her REALLY inexpensive guest room ideas~

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  1. Torri says on September 1, 2010

    I love this guy and the twine handles make him twice as cute! I wouldn't mind having him in my place!

    Thanks for the shout out!!!


  2. Shaunna says on September 1, 2010

    Holly, I LOVE this! I'm also really addicted to bleached furniture right now. I can't get enough of it…doing it for clients and keeping pieces for myself. :) Beautiful additions! -shaunna :)


  3. Allison says on September 1, 2010

    I really like this dresser, Holly. Love the limed wood and the lines to this piece. How clever you are with the twine! It looks great in your house.


  4. amber says on September 1, 2010

    ohmygoodness!!!! i'm a lover of twine too and have been looking/waiting/saving for some new knobs on a dresser in my daughters room~ i think you just gave me the inspiration i needed!!! cool stuff.

    love your site. beautiful. fun.


  5. Lianna says on September 2, 2010

    I have to comment because I recently bought a dresser from Kijiji for my son's bedroom. My niece is moving in with us, and we are building twin beds to replace his double.

    Anyway, I wanted the dresser to match the beds so I refinished it. The thing was this: the center holes are 4.25 inches apart and I cannot find drawer pulls!

    I thought about using rope (when I was trying to sell my son on a cowboy/cowgirl theme)!

    And although I didn't go with the rope, I have to say it is great to see it in your project!

    Looks great!!!

    PS. Just love your blog!


  6. Jessica says on September 2, 2010

    You are so creative! I would have never thought to use twine as handles but I totally adore it.
    As always, great job Holly!



  7. rebekkaseale says on September 2, 2010

    Your blog is AWESOME! I realllly love that ship painting…I am always wanting to collect antique ship paintings. You just totally re-inspired me.


  8. Stella says on September 2, 2010

    I love how this dresser turned out. What a great idea with the twine. :) Your a smart cookie, Have a great weekend !


  9. Tracey @ My House of Giggles says on September 3, 2010

    I am in love with that little dresser!! What a wonderful idea to make twine handles,,,how did you come up with that? Really….do I need to ask? ;) You're like the furniture re-do guru:)

    Simply cannot wait to see you dining room!!!!


  10. Rebecca says on September 3, 2010

    I love how you are always so inventive and think outside the box!!! Such a fantastic idea!
    Nathaniel finally got a baby pug :) I think if he could have found a mung-kee look a like he would have gotten one of those instead LOL! Her name is Gizmo (cause she looks like a gremlin:) So our house is more and more like a version of the Edmonton zoo than ever!!


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