Fresh Coat Friday!

Is it Fall already? I can’t stop talking about how I just can’t get over the fact that Summer is almost done. It went by in the blink of an eye this year. But the good news is that it is the First Friday of the month which means that it is our big project extravaganza! For the next three weeks we will be sharing reader submitted projects in greater detail, but for today let’s enjoy the fruits of all these hardworking ladies labor.

Shaunna’s Office reno:

Heather’s dresser and nightstand makeovers:

Stacy’s night stand:

A big thanks to my blog buddy Kelly for suggesting a seperate link for previous Fresh Coat Friday posts! I will be working on adding that soon, but for now click here for all previous projects.
And If you have a project to share in our October extravaganza or a Fresh Coat Feature drop me a line anytime!
But if you just can’t wait until October, here are more creative transformations by none other than you!!

Fresh Coat Friday!

34 thoughts on “Fresh Coat Friday!

  1. WOW!! ALL of this is SOO amazing!! I am inspired now!! I used to get on Craiglist a lot and find pieces to buy and bring a new life to. Haven't done that in a while . . . . . . hmmmm!


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