Victorian-cottage dresser

I think it is safe to say that I have a love affair going with labelled pulls. I would probably use them on everything if I didn’t know better. But they are still my favorite for large dressers. I finished this one about a month ago for our dining room… grey with hints of white peeking through… all of my favorite things combined in one piece!
Even some glamorous pulls. Maybe not quite what some would consider ‘in the style of the dresser’ but I liked them so they went on!

But you see, there is some sort of baby boom occurring. I think almost every. single. dresser. I have painted this summer went to a nursery or toddler. And I have a hard time saying no to an expectant mom!
So our dining room sideboard is currently travelling 800 kilometers to a nursery.
And please don’t be shocked when I pretty much replicate this whole look on another dresser for the same spot~
Victorian-cottage dresser

19 thoughts on “Victorian-cottage dresser

  1. And why wouldn't you replicate it? It's fantastic! And if it was good once and you loved it…I say do it over until you don't love it any more. And then don't get rid of it because you'll love it again….just give it a few months…or days. :P Marissa



    I love this. I love love love this! I love the picture above it and the candle sconces. I think you've converted me as well to labeled pulls. I actually like glass pulls but OMG, these pulls are gorgeous.

    I religiously check your blog every day. You inspire me to know that with white, I can make a gorgeous house when soooo many people think otherwise. White's a gorgeous color!

    Did you use the Malta Mist color on this piece? It looks darker than your wall color.

    Thanks for doing such awesome, inspirational work.


  3. I love the piece & really love the pulls ~ will you share your source?! I do the same thing… fall in love with a piece, then sell it, then search for a similar piece to replace it for myself! Love you blog!


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