I have a serious macaron addiction going on! They look so tempting, so tasty and so elegant placed in abundent piles in the bakery. The perfect mix of chewy and slightly crispy. A rainbow of flavors and colors… What isn’t to love?
And besides all that they seem to have become an artform in and of themselves when it comes to displaying and photographing them (I can relate to the infatuation).

If anyone has any of the following flavors laying around feel free to send them my way!

28 thoughts on “Macarons

  1. My neighbor brought me back the most beautiful package from Laduree full of ~macarons~ I was in heaven..ate them all in one night! Truly the most amazing taste…..My daughter-n-law and I tried making them and yikes that is not easy…they say it is extreamly difficult and they are right, we still haven't gotten it perfect.


  2. I am with Cindy, I've never had one like these either. I have made coconut chocolate macaroons that are delicious, but not as pretty.

    They do make lovely photo subjects.



  3. I have never had one either. I have seen them so much on other blogs, but have never been anywhere that they sell them. I guess I should try making some to see what all the fuss is about. They do look beautiful when photographed and I imagine that they must taste wonderful too. Love & blessings from NC!


  4. I love macarons, but they are so hard to make! Everytime something goes wrong: cracked, too soft, stuck to the sheet, no feet,too sweet, ughh!
    I just gave up! for now…


  5. Those photos are beautiful and yummy! I love macaroons, too. They've been on my list of things I want to make so one of these days I will attempt them. It's early morning and now I am craving one!


  6. Hmmm, I think this didn't post the first time:

    I was lucky enough to be in Zurich (Switzerland) this summer where the confiserie “Lindt & Spruengli” sells them under the name “Luxemburgerli”. Ahem, “snarf-face” here (that would be me) ate 8 of them in 30 seconds flat. A record. I know.


  7. So I don't think I'd previously had the pleasure of knowing about such little treats as these (are they the same as what I've heard referred to as 'macaroons'?). But because of the comment from Liz, who pointed out your meringue recipe post (which somehow in my bad blog-following I'd completely missed), I just wanted to say thanks for sharing these delights! I'll have to find some of these to enjoy, because w/ the help of your & Liz's posts on your recipe, I made the meringues this weekend, and they were every bit amazing you promised them to be! I've already consumed them all & now wish I knew how to make some other flavors, too!

    Anyway thanks for sharing. I think my life's been made just a little sweeter now, Ha :)


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