Fresh Coat Friday…. Fail

Hi lovelies! This has not been my week, technologically speaking… my cable and internet has been down all day up until just now. I REALLY wanted to share our October Fresh Coat Friday extravaganza but it seems that everything I had up until now was lost during the laptop debacle of last weekend. I will be hard at work all week to have all your beautiful projects up for next Friday (there are LOTS!!!). So stay tuned for that…

But I promise there will be lots of goodies before then since it is officially October now and I have been wasting no time in converting the house into a “haunted mansion”. I will be re-using some of the projects we did last year (click here to see what we did last year) as well as finishing up some new ones my sister and I have been testing. We are moving beyond just the entry way and taking the creepiness into the living room as well as outside!

Fresh Coat Friday…. Fail

5 thoughts on “Fresh Coat Friday…. Fail

  1. i looove all the new pieces! and seeing as my little love was born on Halloween (i know i've said this a hundred times), i cannot wait to see what spookiness you've been adding around your lovely abode. dont keep me, i mean us, (hehehe) waiting too long, please. :)


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