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Halloween October 4, 2010
If you have a phobia or fear of ravens, you might want to avoid popping over! They have literally taken over the house. No bats or spiders here, just birds.
The living room has been converted into a scene from The Birds.
I think it would look even spookier with some cobwebbs intertwined, but lord knows that I found that stuff around the house until well after Christmas the last few years. So we have decided bypass that tradition for now.
Wren is absolutely enthralled with them, and sits in there talking to them all day long!
My favorite decoration so far? My Whippy Cake-d skull.
I’ve been rocking my favorite Whippy Cake headbands (and my petticoat) non stop so I figure even skeletons need a little glam in their ghastly life.
Some might call it overkill, but we are just warming up with our Halloween decorating!

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  1. Heidi says on October 4, 2010

    Where did you find your large Raven? I'm looking for something just like that to perch on top of my bookshelf?


  2. Amy says on October 4, 2010

    I haven't been able to see your pictures FOR WEEKS. Not in my reader and not on your blog. Very frustrating… CAUSE I WANT TO SEE! Anything I need to change/do??


  3. Stephanie says on October 5, 2010

    Yes, those are scary! But oh so festive for Halloween. Maybe turkeys or acorns for Thanksgiving on the drift wood after Halloween??? This could be addicting huh?


  4. Elisabeth says on October 5, 2010

    I'm really happy to see that you're keeping that hutch with the books in it. I think it's some of the prettiest wood patina I've ever seen and if I were you I'd never sell it! Plus I think a little bit of natural wood really compliments all the white.


  5. becca says on October 5, 2010

    i am LOVING all these halloween decorations. we still need to get up in the attic and get ours down. you're making me so excited for it all! it's lookin' great!


  6. Douglas says on October 5, 2010

    I love it….great ideas without being cheap and cheesy. I always struggle decorating without it looking impersonal or commercial. Well done! And will the skull mind if you decide to rock that headband one day between now and Oct31st? Marissa


  7. Krystal Wight Armstrong says on October 6, 2010

    That is just SO cool! I LOVE the ravens on the driftwood; they look Great! And I think it actually looks more neat and realistic without the webs. Though, today I was bored & looking at Martha Stewart Halloween crafts and they have a way of making webbing out of hot glue strings (or you can actually buy Hollywood-grade guns made just for making webs), if you want them without the annoying stuff from the drugstore.

    Can you tell us where you got your birds? I love all their different sizes & poses, they look really authentic. And what did you use for the cool spooky photo effect? Thanks for all the really fun inspirations, Holly!


  8. katskraps4kids says on October 6, 2010

    LOVE it ALL!!! I hope that next year, I'll be able to get out home decorated for Halloween & I'll definitely be borrowing some of these wonderful ideas. Thx! =)


  9. Erika says on October 19, 2011

    Love the birds! I may do something similar at our place. And that skull is awesome!

    Found you via Inspired Rooms.


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