Wanna talk Fall clothes?

I have yet to buy any clothes for this fall… probably because I am in denial Summer is over, and also because our closet construction is still in progress and I don’t even know what I have or don’t, let alone what I need. I’m admittedly living out of a laundry basket right now and basically call whatever is clean an outfit.
But one thing I have been reliant upon for these first weeks of fall is mixing my favorite summer pieces with my few fall items. I would describe my fall uniform as knitted leggings, boots and a fitted shirt, with my favorite silk tanks over top. I had a major love affair with these silky tops all Spring and Summer and just don’t want to put them away. It actually didn’t occur to me until just today that I should hunt a few more down on sale for the rest of the season and next Summer.
My boots are ALWAYS flat. High heeled boots just aren’t condusive to lifting dressers in and out of my car. These ones are probably my favorites right now (from Juicy Couture) because I love the slightly biker-ish buckles combined with flowy tops. And they look faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous with my tutus (although I do get a few weird looks LOL).
My high-fashion ANTM pose.
After ripping our entire closet out I had to purge A LOT of stuff, which lead my Mom to go through her closet with a fine tooth comb. I picked up almost all my fall jackets from her pile of cast offs, including this one. Nothing beats free!
You might recognize the orange tie-dye pattern from another outfit I wore, they are both by C’n’C California. I fell in love with the crazy, bright design and just couldn’t get enough! My favorite knitted cashmere leggings are all from Aritzia, and even though they are a little pricey (About $100/pair) I have them in several colors and have worn them to death over the last 2 years. They have really cute buttons down the ankle and look great even without boots.
And yes, I felt totally rediculous doing a photoshot while Mung kee stood by looking at me like “What the….?”
Wanna talk Fall clothes?

15 thoughts on “Wanna talk Fall clothes?

  1. Usually skinny girls like you make me a bit ill but you, you are ADORABLE (and I mean that in a beautiful woman, not a little girl way.)

    I think we need pictures of you in a tutu and those boots!


  2. I seriously heart your boots!! I just bought a FANTASTIC (and cheap!!) pair of flat black biker-ish boots this last weekend and have been trying to find cute ways to wear them!! Thanks for the inspiration!! I will definitely try them with my favorite leggings tomorrow and a flowy top for casual Friday!!! LOVE!!


  3. bethyoung says:

    yes, pic of tutu please! And my little 6 year old daughter has that c&c tank, too. I think I should pass it on to you so you guys match when she's through with it!


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