New Coffee… Trunk?

family room, paint, WhiteBerry Reinvented October 12, 2010
We’ve been without a coffee table for some time in the family room. It was by choice, toys tend to dominate in here these days, so less furniture meant less cluttered looking. But I was hearing complaints from Sean that he needed somewhere to set a drink (aka rest his feet on) while hanging out.
I was in no rush to just “fill” the spot… but hadn’t really thought outside the box (excuse the pun!). I had an antique blanket chest I won at an auction sitting in the garage, when I decided to slap some paint on it and throw Wren’s toys inside!
So I did just that, slapped some grey paint on and carted it inside.
I debated putting some new leather straps where there were previously handles, but preferred the clean lines without.
I also wanted to put a “treasure” stamp on the chest, but in the end decided to go with the more subtle “Supplies” label.
Photobucket It was in pretty rough shape initially, so I wanted to do only minimal distressing, mainly just to let some underlying white paint peek through. This lets the dents and dings blend in, but add a little interest at the same time.
Not sure I will be allowing drinks anywhere near my new coffee-trunk though!

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  1. Melanie Beth says on October 12, 2010

    Really cute… I love this idea! I could see it being nice to have a place to store blankets or something… or in my case as well, the toys that are always everywhere!


  2. Midwest Cottage says on October 12, 2010

    Holly, every time I visit your blog I am impressed. I just love your work. I have been swamped with work projects but have been wanting to do a trunk for my living room since my son's first birthday. I'd like to use mine as a coffee table/toy box so I can throw his stuff in it when someone rings the doorbell. Once again, thank you for sharing!


  3. The Queen says on October 12, 2010

    It looks fabulous, just as your projects always do.

    Throw some castors/wheels on it (make sure they are locking ones) and it will be really easy to move out of the way when the little one needs more room to play.


  4. MadameMim says on October 12, 2010

    Love this. I'll never cease to be amazed at what a coat of white paint will do.

    FYI…for some reason, your pics haven't shown up on google reader for the last few posts. Don't know if it's my computer, something you've changed, or what, but it just started this morning or yesterday…not a bad thing I guess as it's been making me click on your page and leave comments! :)


  5. Holly and Sean says on October 12, 2010

    Thanks everyone! I promise, no need to worry about any furry animals being harmed in this photo. The creepy little heads are actually candles shaped like a bunny and dog. Found on clearance at Anthro last winter and thought they were fun, particularly for fall~

    As for google reader, I haven't been doing anything different with the photos so I wish I could help. But I always suggest clearing your cookies, that may have something to do with why it worked before, but not now.
    I suck at technology though, so my regrets!!!


  6. Miss Money says on October 13, 2010

    LOVE IT! Perfect detail! We have a beat up old trunk on wheels as our coffee table.

    So does Wren know where all of her 'supplies' are hidden? How long until she throws the lid open and animal heads are rolling on your pretty floors? ;)


  7. Andy says on October 13, 2010

    I have a steamer trunk I just moved inside for the same purpose. Though I'm worried about tiny fingers getting slammed in it with toys.


  8. Rebecca says on October 14, 2010

    You are brilliant!!!! I LOVE the stenciled 'supplies' sign on the chest! Such a functional and stylish coffee table! Can't wait for Palm Springs!!! yahooo!


  9. Shelly says on October 14, 2010

    I can't completely tell but it looks like you have glass on the top. If you're looking for something so the glass doesn't scratch the wood we took a cork from a wine bottle and cut it up in 1/2″ pieces as coaster like pieces that go under the glass on all corners. Looks great and works like a charm!


  10. Amanda says on October 14, 2010

    in my free moments from my hectic, turned upside down life right now, i check in on your lovely blog because it's sure to make me smile. it has been working. :) the trunk is so lovely i can't gush about it enough. and perfect for quickly tidying up those BIG messes our littlest loves make. ;)


  11. Miss G says on October 19, 2010

    It looks really great. I do know that some chests have been recalled because little ones can inadvertantly get locked or trapped inside. Don't know how yours is made. Just wanted to let you know so you can be aware. Kelly


  12. slattos says on October 22, 2010

    Your home is GORGEOUS, but how on earth are you able to live with so much white with a child?! That would be my dream.


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