Happy Friday!

Sorry for the absence this week! It has been a combination of internet troubles as well as good weather. And I want to enjoy that all I can before the cold sets in! But there has been a lot of work behind the scenes as well~
If you are on the White Berry mailing list, I apologize for bombarding you with stuff the last couple days (there will be more this weekend still!). But for those of you who aren’t here are a few things I have been working on.
I seem to have a surplus of dining tables piling up that I hadn’t noticed until I looked around and realized that there were 5 tables screaming at me to get to them already! Almost all of them are beautiful antique tables, including this one:
The only unfortunate thing is that it lost it’s leaves along the way somewhere… but I still love it.
It’s a great table for a smaller space, for a family of 4 or 6. But my imagination keeps telling me that it would make a desk fit for a queen.
It’s the details that make it so lovely.
I think I will try and have a quiet, candle-lit dinner here with Wren and Sean before it leaves us.
Today’s second transformation comes to us courtesy of my parent’s childhood friends, Ross and Jackie (Hi Jackie!!!). Back in June they gave me a call to let me know they had a cabinet for me at their cabin if I was interested… but being the crazy busy Summer it was I didn’t get down to pick it up until early September. As soon as I lifted the tarp I was in love.
Jackie, if you decide you want it back just give me a ring!
I had 2 more knobs to install when I took the photos, but isn’t she fabulous?
I love that the upper cabinet is meant for storage not a TV (never never never will I allow a TV in our bedroom)
It has such beautiful little carvings.
It was so beautiful as it was, I decided not to distress. Which is a rare event, giving Sean a lot more stress as he moves this stuff LOL.
I think I might have even cleared out enough furniture over the last few weeks to hopefully start parking in the garage again before snow falls (the warehouse is stacked to the ceiling… and it started to overflow back into the garage). But I hope you have had a wonderful week, and have some fun plans for the weekend!
*and a SUPER thank you to my Darnley House detectives, how COOL is that? I can’t believe you found it and that someone actually lives near it!!! What a small world we are in~ *
Happy Friday!

23 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Holly! I love love love everything you've sent out over the last few days. Any chance you'll be working on a coffee table soon?

    Have a wonderful weekend – I'm just loving everything you're doing!



  2. Unrelated… but I still can't get over how gorgeous that mirror in your dining room is! Ever since your first post about it I've been daydreaming about one in mine… sadly, I don't think that will happen any time soon. Anyway, I love that dining table, it's beautiful!


  3. Hi Holly,

    Can I ask you….

    Before you paint over anything oak or maple etc…
    should I apply primer first before painting? I've started painting the trim on the kitchen window and I am up to 2 coats now and I still see some shade of yellow-ish color. Also, do you use the same white paint for most of the furniture you paint?

    Thanks so much,


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THAT RUG!!! haha, i realize that's not what the post was about, but seriously… i've been looking EVERYWHERE for a rug, and i'm afraid you may have it underneath your beautiful table…

    Where did you find that?!


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