Initial Candles

Finds October 17, 2010
If there is anything that can put a smile on my face (besides Wren laughing, a dog with peanut butter in it’s mouth, or a fresh can of paint) it is a good deal! These darling candles not only smell divine, but they were pure heaven for my checkbook. When the cashier rang them in instead of being $14.95 (on sale from $28) they came up at $3.95!
You bet I’m glad!!

Comments 8

  1. lizibeth says on October 17, 2010

    oooooo, yipee!
    now i'm kicking myself that i didn't follow my gut and go there today – ours might have had some too. bummer.


  2. Susan S. says on October 18, 2010

    SCORE! What a great find! Just popped into your blog and love it! I'll be back…..Happy Fall Ya'll….from Houston, TX


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