Baby to Big Girl

inspiration October 20, 2010
It’s official, our baby is not a baby anymore! Last week while fighting bedtime with all her might our little bird jumped so hard that she literally blew the bottom out of her crib. As much as we didn’t feel ready for the big girl bed switch it was staring us dead in the eye. I have many little beds that I have acquired over the year leading up to this event, knowing I would have a hard time deciding. Some are a little more girly and french, some are more cottage-y and some are just unique. I think I knew which one I would use all along, but I am only getting around to painting it this week. I have a couple little extra things I will do to make it her own, but ready or not Wren will be in her first big girl bed by next week!
Here are a few rooms that had saved for inspiration when this day arrived, but I think her’s will be quite different from any of these.

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  1. Sixty-Fifth Avenue says on October 20, 2010

    We had to go into the big girl bed not by choice as well. Our little one wore a sleepsak in the winter and I swore she would never get out of her crib until one night she was so mad to be in bed that she flipped over the rail! Totally freaked me out! It was an easy transition for us. I started dreaming about the antique or vintage bed I would find when she was tiny, can't wait to see what you come up with. I guess I type a lot when I don't want to clean;)


  2. Stephanie says on October 21, 2010

    Oh now the fun begins…out of bed, get back in bed, out of bed get back in bed :) Can't wait to see what you are painting!


  3. Cindy says on October 21, 2010

    i love the first one…..i love everything about the room. i think with the pieces you already have in her room, you will have an easy transition with any type of bed that you decide on…..

    but i really love the first one.

    pick the first one! :D


  4. Susan Woods says on October 21, 2010

    I know that feeling. My monkey boy was doing the commando drop (onto our hardwood floors) at 16 months. It caught me off guard. I look forward to seeing what you end up with.


  5. Cora Anne Designs says on October 21, 2010

    We just ordered “big girl furniture” for our daughter, which means I'm down to about 4 more weeks before I have to have everything (color-wise) picked out for her room. There's just so many adorable options out there, it's so hard to pick just one!

    My girl just turned 3…I kept her in a crib as loooong as I possibly could get away with it!


  6. Sandy says on October 21, 2010

    awwww just way too cute! I love all of them especially the first two. i love how you call her your little bird. ♥


  7. Miss Money says on October 21, 2010

    I love the top photos. Glancing at it, I thought it was your house at first. It's so cute! Excited to see what you've cooked up for little Wren to rest her head upon!


  8. Mimi says on October 21, 2010

    I agree with Cindy, I love the first room as well. My daughter has a wrought Iron bed which needs painting, I will definately paint it black! Enjoy doing her room! Mimi x


  9. MostlySunny says on October 21, 2010

    oh I know that day will be coming for me….where we go to the “big girl” bed. Exciting and sad! I can't wait to see what you do!!!


  10. amber says on October 21, 2010

    love the first one! the pops of red around the room are way fun too~

    enjoyed your site and all the great creativity here!


  11. The Hammy Fammy says on October 21, 2010

    You mean its not just my 2.5 year old that puts of the fight of his life every night? Thank goodness!!

    We just bought a cast iron bed to refinish that I'd like to use for Will's room since I'm soooo over the convertible bed. I'm keeping him in the crib until the big move in a few weeks.


  12. Niki says on October 21, 2010

    Oh my god! I love the toadstool stool. I want it! Great post, it's funny I had 2 of these pics for inspiration for my daughter's room.


  13. Liz Owen says on October 21, 2010

    Oh. That first picture is absolutely adorable! We're having a baby in April… the nursery/kid room thing is totally stumping me!


  14. Nora says on October 22, 2010

    loving your blog and your style. i could read/look all day… do you have any suggestions for a boys room. i have 2 boys 4 and 6. :))


  15. cassie @ hi sugarplum! says on October 22, 2010

    Ugh, I'm in the same boat. My youngest is about to fly the coop if I don't get her in a big-girl room. It's so hard to leave the crib days behind. Thrilled to have found your blog…and can't wait to see what you do to her room!

    I'm your new follower…don't want to miss what you do next! :)



  16. Krystal Wight Armstrong says on October 23, 2010

    Oh, I'm so excited & can't wait to see what you do! I Looved that beautiful illustrated armoir you got for her room before, if it's anything like that, I'm sure it's perfectly enchanting! :)


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