Side Table and Writing Desk

My system for painting really isn’t so much a system as an attempt to control the chaos. When I work on large items like dining tables and dressers I like to have a lot of room to move about the workshop. Usually about 2 or 3 dressers or 1 table is my maximum allowance at any given time. And while I eat up valuable real estate working on these projects the side tables, nightstands and odds and ends pile up… QUICK! So after a run on dressers I have to set aside a week just to make progress on those odd and ends, all the while the bigger items start piling up again too and so goes the never ending circle!
And this was my week for small stuff.
This little table was a hideous shade of hunter green, but really cute otherwise (I am sucker for little tables with drawers).
I LOVED this anthro knob immediately after seeing it in a catalogue in September and had to have one.
Photobucket The vignette I chose to do is simple, yet interesting with just a touch of Halloween.
I am sure you have already noticed my long-running obsession with candles. Taper, pillar, containers, I could care less, but I do believe that more is more when it comes to candles as decor. Containers or old pots filled with lovely wax tapers really set my heart a flutter.
In honor of the warmth of the season I really like displaying my books without the spins facing out. The aged and worn pages feel reassuring to me.
This table/desk was one of those items that came home with me, but I have no idea why. It was plain, and awfully simple without much that interested me. But never the less it deserved a shot.
Even in the midst of winter I love to pretend I am at a beach house on some sandy coastline, so while other areas of the house are moody and darker this time of year I always go back to my true love: beach style.
I picked up the metal starfish knob last winter at anthro, but until now it just didn’t feel right on anything else. It chose this little desk and that was the starting point for my decision to add faded blue cabana strips.
I think I will love cabana strips forever!
And now I am off to paint a little night stand for Wren’s new bed (without cabana strips, sadly).
Side Table and Writing Desk

12 thoughts on “Side Table and Writing Desk

  1. When you pick up something that has already been painted, do you take the paint off or just paint over it. (I have a table I need to paint but it is already painted and trying to decide what to do).


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