Faux Window Treatment

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a Saturday night, we highly suggest Ikea! We got there around 6pm, grabbed a few hot dogs, some bottled water and a few other muchies (I am a fan of the Choklad bars), then headed into the marketplace with our shopping list.
Wren’s bedding was easy to pick out and as economical as I hoped. And while I didn’t find a rug for the dining room, I did grab some drapes to attempt my faux window idea. The lenda style in white looked so good in the family room that I went with it again, but this time in natural so that it would be closer to the linen slipcovers on the chairs.
I originally picked up this drapery rod on clearance (at FabricLand) for $20 for the office, but it had yet to be hung so I decided to use it in here. While it was cheap, the color of the wood was WAYYY too reddish so I opted to spray paint it semi-gloss black. I then sawed it off to the correct lengths.
To mount it with only 2 wall brackets I drilled a hole in the rod and inserted a double ended screw to screw it in the wall.
It feels darker in here because it is dark and ugly outside, and I still have to hem the drapes with stitch-witchery, but I already love it!
I was doubtful about how it would look, but with such a high-blank wall it was worth a shot and I am SOOOO happy with the result.
Once we find that perfect rug, hang the mirror a few feet higher and perhaps find a small piece for below the painting on the left we will be close to done!
Extra points for anyone who noticed the table was different LOL.
Faux Window Treatment

61 thoughts on “Faux Window Treatment

  1. Hi Holly. As a lover of all things window treatments, I think this is brilliant! Great balance, and you really have to look to notice the absence of the left window. I also love that you put the rod abutting the wall. Looks just great!


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