New collections

My 10-11:30 schedule consists of lots of reading these days. Not by me! No, I have the luxury of being read to. I learn all about cows and sheep and the cat in the hat.
And hugging and kissing and laughing.

Later in the day I am usually the subject of laughter though, as Sean finds it quite hilarious that I consider a ba-jillion candles as decor. But I am happy I am not alone because it seems that many of you share the same love of something so simple as wax and braided wicks.

For those of you who have asked about where to find similar candles, I bought all of these at Michael’s. I admittedly know nothing as to how organic or clean burning they are, but I do know that they were on sale and with my coupon for 15% all items they were right in my budget. And don’t forget to check the clearance because many of them were a scent called Fresh Linen that was 70% off.
If you have attempted to count how many are here I will make your life a little easier: 6 tall, 12 medium, 9 small. I noticed that at most Michael’s there is a lot of variation in color of the same scents (because I think many have sat there for years!), but don’t worry about it because it looks more interesting that there are variations.

Another item I am slowly piling up is stoneware. I have read about it, drooled about it on other blogs and seen it in tons of movies and magazines, but really haven’t looked for any.
Until now, and I’m hooked.

It all started with my bug plates for halloween. I picked up a beautiful set of 5 cream plates for $2 for the project. Once I got home I realized they were freakishly heavy! So I googled a few things and realized that I had brought home a set of stoneware plates. The next week I found another set for $2 and today another for $1.
Photobucket We are including some glass doors in our new kitchen and I have been dreaming about stacking them all, in varying colors of cream and white a la Meryl Streep’s kitchen in It’s Complicated (yes, I am obsessed with that kitchen).

And yet again, the varying shades of cream and white aren’t perfect, but completely ideal.

And now I am off to finish Wren’s bed, and work on some fun, (not too perfect!) projects I will be sharing ASAP!
New collections

22 thoughts on “New collections

  1. hi holly! she is such a cutie! what fun! and i loved that movie! i am thinking about putting shelves in my kitchen just so i can stack white dishes and pretty things on! and of course all the candles are right up my alley! thanks for sharing your good deal! i would love for you to stop by for a visit! i have a fun post up right now i think you might like! thanks!


  2. Wow, Wren has so much hair now, she's so adorable!
    It seems you've been posting a little differently lately, like slightly different subjects or something, or maybe you just have more time now that it's Fall. Anyways, I really like it!


  3. Thanks so much!!

    Cathy, I am glad it doesn't feel too schizo. Previously I used to save up posts and try to stay on 1 topic per post, but before I knew it weeks had gone by and I never got around to posting about half the stuff I meant to. So this way I get it off my chest and hopefully it isn't too boring LOL.


  4. Hi Holly, Wren is soo adorable in these pics!
    I also love ironstone. My favourites are jugs and platters. Just picked up a lovely irontone platter and bowl from goodwill today. I'll be posting my “finds” tomorrow.
    Can't wait to see Wren's new room!


  5. Darling photos of lil one. I too love candles Ikea is another great place to buy.Love that kitchen as well wish it was mine, great movie too.Awesome buy on your plates good luck with your hunt.~Cheers Kim


  6. That's all I registered for when I got married! White-ish stoneware. We took the cabinet doors off our top cabinets and have them stacked up. Different shades and I have some glassware mixed in. Mugs, cookware, plates, bowls, glasses…I love it!


  7. oh, sweet!!! we haven't gotten to “reading” yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

    I'm collecting (very slowly) bone china dishes. They're also creamy white, but not so heavy. And they mix well with my (very few) pieces of other “nice” china, can go in the oven (awesome) and are more durable than porcelain.
    Looking forward to seeing pics of the dishes in the kitchen when it's finished!


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