I want Candy!

crafting, paint, WhiteBerry Reinvented October 29, 2010
Happy Friday! Even though we are only days away from the spookiest night of the year, my thoughts have turned towards the fun side of the evening: the candy! I have one of the meanest sweet tooths you’ve ever come across and constantly have something chocolatey or yummy out on the counter. But let’s be honest, baked goods tend to last better (and taste better!) in tupperware or the fridge. So I got to thinking about how I could incorporate my love of candy into decor.
Enter cheap jelly and cake pans. I always see these at thrift stores, usually less than $1. Most of them are old, slightly dented and probably not all that great for actually baking with anymore but I simply LOVE their shapes.
I started by spray painting mine with rust-oleum in white then simply painted them in various shade of pink and red.
Did I do a perfect job? Hardly. I didn’t have hours on end to sit and play with it, but with a little imagination and a steady hand you could really get creative.
Photobucket The best part is that all of them have a little hole or even a hook to hang them on the wall. I could imagine a grouping of them on a blank wall, all the same color, or even just varing solid colors.
I am also thinking that maybe when Wren is at a more crafting appropriate age they would be fun to do for a birthday party. Giving each child a primed mold and letting them decorate it with glitter, paint and any other delights they can imagine.
What about that dresser they’re on you ask? (well, I am sure most of you didn’t ask but maybe someone did!). It was a find I made while out hunting down the molds. Initially quite hideous, it actually turned out to be a pretty amazing antique dresser that was totally overwhelmed by hideous knobs.
A little white paint and I was already amazed at the transformation.
In honor of our Sweet Shoppe I went with Anthropologie’s color-wheel knobs (keep your eyes peeled next week to see where else we used them).
So next time I have a craving to buy my very own birthday cake on a day not even close to my birthday I will just look at these cakes. I know my thighs will thank me!

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  1. Allison says on October 29, 2010

    What a clever use of the molds, Holly! I love the dresser and those knobs are fun! You really transformed that dresser. I hope Wren has a Happy Halloween.


  2. Gina says on November 1, 2010

    I've been spying those knobs! Love love love! I'm convinced you can turn anything into something beautiful :)


  3. coloradocyndi says on November 1, 2010

    OK, I could spend all day browsing your website and blog…but I must get back to real life! Just wanted to say hi 'cause I just subscribed! I'll be back!!


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