Belated Happy Halloween

I can’t believe it is already November! This past weekend we had a fantastically spooky Halloween and hope you did as well.
My day didn’t start with a treat, but a real tricky little lady. Seems someone knows where mommy hides the art supplies now! She loves doing her make up and seemed to be in the spirit of the day by finding the only black marker.
After a full facial scrub down she donned her Walrus costume to hit both her Grandma’s and Aunt’s houses.
My mom says we picked out a “boyish” costume and I intended to add a little bow to her head to make it obvious she was a girl walrus, but she didn’t keep the hood on for more that 10 minutes so thank goodness I didn’t waste the effort.
The night before we went to an adult only party and had a pretty exciting night. We aren’t on facebook and missed out on the invite until just a few days before hand so we were far from the most creative party go-ers. I was a 50’s housewife and my sister (who actually did spend some time and effort on her costume) was Link from The Legend of Zelda.
All in all a really great Halloween. And I can hardly believe it, but Wren has been in her new bed for a whole week already. I should have some photos for you tomorrow!
Belated Happy Halloween

21 thoughts on “Belated Happy Halloween

  1. well you look so pretty and I love your outfit and the cool 50's hair thing with the bangs curled under.

    I'm sorry but I had to laugh at Wren's black lipstick *oh my*


  2. You have a proud little artist in your midst! Soon she'll be telling you what she wants to wear for Halloween and every other day! I think it's awesome that has a little mind of her own and wanted to try a new look!! So sweet! One day you'll look back at that photo with so much joy! It's truly precious as is she!
    Love your fifties look too!! You and your sister are so fun!

    Hugs Giggles


  3. How adorable!! [even with the black marker lol].

    I also can't believe it's November. For some reason Sunday did NOT feel like Halloween and even now I am still thinking it's October.


  4. Oh, my kids have found the permanent markers before and wrote ALL over my fabric ottoman. Be thankful it was just her lips. :) hahahahahaha. Love the legends of creative!


  5. Hey Holly! I've only commented once before (when my friend randomly had bought one of your headboard off kijiji and we live in calgary), but I just wanted to say i really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your creations, and I would love if you could post a lot of christmas decorating ideas! I am looking forward to hosting some holiday parties and would love some ideas! thanks!


  6. he looks so cute with the black lipstick…hahah
    ..and the two of you look fabulous!I just wanted to say i really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all of your creations,simply lovely!


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