New transformations

I don’t know how, but I feel like I NEED to find about 5 extra hours in the day to keep up! We have been hard at work with the house and WhiteBerry seems to be turning into 2 full time jobs (to those of you who email asking if it is a viable part-time job, I cannot emphasis this enough that it is farrrrr from a part time job!!!). I was doing a pretty good job of keep the chaos minimized but since November started that has gone down the drain. But I seem to work best under crazy circumstances so no complaints here!
One of my favorite pieces from recent memory is this cabinet.
Photobucket It is a cool size and much more practical for most of todays smaller homes.
If I didn’t have a bunch of hooks on the wall in the laundry room I think I might have considered keeping it and using it for storage in there.
A popular item was this desk.
Photobucket A purple crystal knob added some sparkle and it was a perfect piece for a home office.
I ALWAYS love these chunky coffee tables. In fact, they are probably the single most popular and in demand item that I come across.
Looking at the picture above, I think it actually isn’t the correct before, but it was pretty darn close LOL. But some grey paint makes it both cottage-y and not too feminine for those of us whose guys are over the white slipcovers and ruffles.
Photobucket But I always hold a soft spot for the intricate and beautiful details on French Provincial pieces. This coffee table weighed more than most dining room tables and was massive. Definitely the largest coffee table I can recall.
And that was my WhiteBerry week in photos!
How has your week been? I cannot belive it is already close to the weekend…. and that the holidays are nearly upon us! Already we have been working on some holiday decor ideas that will be unveiled in the near future. Can’t wait to share!
New transformations

21 thoughts on “New transformations

  1. I love Purple, and crystal, and colored glass in general…can you show us a closeup of that pretty crystal knob? Thanks & great work this week, I'm sure you deserve some happy time off after all the craziness (which seems to be going around these last few weeks)!


  2. I love seeing all your transformations although it always makes me feel a little lazy. If only I could have one tenth of your energy to finish the million started but not completed projects around my place.

    One of those numbers would look fabulous on my parent's new house. Great giveaway.


  3. Is it weird to be completely in love with a blog? WELL I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG. Basically I want your creative mind and your sharp eye for hidden beauty. You've inspired me to paint my very first piece of furniture which was a sewing table! It even came with a vintage robins egg blue sewing machine! Thanks for the inspiration!


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