Paper wreath, here I come!

Uncategorized November 21, 2010
Today I attended a particularly crappy auction (excuse my language). I sat through hours of booster cables, mismatched tools, and particularly ugly and worn clothing.
Just about ready to leave, the auctioneer caught my attention when he announced a lot of sheet music. I hadn’t taken a close look before and had no idea what condition it was in as it was all in boxes, but I was the only bidder and took home 3 grocery bags full for $3.
Even if it wasn’t all that old I would have been happy, as I have been crafting up a storm for the holidays with various book pages so I knew I would use them. (scraps from an upcoming ornament project I paired up with Pier 1 on!).
But my patience and poor luck with the rest of the auction were well worth it because low and behold my $3 pile of music turned out to be a gold mine of antique french sheet music.
Photobucket The pages are beautiful and perfectly aged.
Just the right amount of wear and tear will make for some really fun wreaths and holiday projects.
Here are just a few examples I have been saving as inspiration. A paper wreath has been on my to-do list for quite some time and I am excited to give it a go.
Simple Joys Paperie

Living With Lindsey

Hope you are having a treasure filled weekend as well!

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  1. says on November 21, 2010

    Wow! I truly have never seen such a variety of paper wreaths and inventions! Shouldn't you check out that music to make sure it's not something valuable? I'd be afraid I'd be cutting up something rare!


  2. Time Worn Style says on November 21, 2010

    Hi Holly, just discovered your blog today and have had a grand old time looking about! Funny thing about the music sheets, very similar thing happened to me (huge box lot for $5) so I am also giving the wreath idea a go too. They look fabbo!


  3. haruoriginals says on November 21, 2010

    Your blog is a daily inspiration to me and I was thrilled to see that my paper wreath has inspired you too. I hope you have fun with this project. If I can offer you any suggestions please let me know! Take care & have fun…


  4. Lindsey says on November 21, 2010

    Oh how I love paper wreaths!! Glad you stuck through the auction long enough to get the music! Can't wait to see what you create!!!


  5. M says on November 21, 2010

    I think it would be very cool to do something similar for a Thanksgiving turkey! Several of the wreaths look like a turkey's tailfeathers. Beautiful!
    I have a box of sheet music, too, but since my MIL is giving my children piano lessons I'd better not touch it;-).


  6. Petie says on November 23, 2010

    Love the ornaments! Is there a tutorial on the wreath from Haru's? I looked but couldn't find one. I love the look of the wreath and the colors in the one that you posted. I love the little birds attached to it and the brown ribbon. Would love any info about the wreath that you showed.


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