Just in case Santa is reading…

A few things on my christmas list, all from Anthropologie, all under $50 with the exception of the stole. Assuming I’m on the nice list of course!
On second thought, skip the old utensil plant labels because I might try DIYing those in the near future…
Thanks Santa!
Just in case Santa is reading…

12 thoughts on “Just in case Santa is reading…

  1. I have the silhouette votives — they are adorable.

    Interestingly, the silverware garden markers at Anthro are made by a gal on etsy…her tag is on them. I had already bought some from her, and then came across them in the store. Small world! On etsy, she goes by “Monkeys always look”. They are very reasonably priced, and she will do custom wording for you too…which you can't get if you buy them at Anthro.

    LOVE the John Derian (I think?) tray, and the fox stole is so funny! Love your style, Holly, in ALL areas! Wren's bedroom came out wonderfully, by the way (:



  2. YEAHH!!! My cousin MADE those silverware garden markers and Amy in CA is right, my cousin works for the gal with the Etsy shop…even SMALLER world!!! I have seen those markers up close and they are awesome. Each piece of silverware is vintage…like from early 1900's vintage. None the same. I bet you could make those..easy . :)


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