New Layout!

Does anything look different to you? We shuffled some things around, still have to update and move a few other things but slowly the dust is settling. I want to thank my sister for all her hard work, she is the mastermind behind our new look (there may be an extra special box under the tree for her this year…). She went to college to become a webdesigner but after graduating ended up getting into a totally different field and has now decided to pursue her true love of graphic and web design. And that’s how her blog Digital Confections was born!
She will be unveiling her design website in the next few days and has a fun surprise for us on Thursday!
Thanks Torri, I love the fresh new look!
New Layout!

13 thoughts on “New Layout!

  1. How gorgeous Holly. I love the fresh, crisp look. It is so fun and inviting. Your sis did an amazing job!!! So glad for her that she is following her passion. She is sure to do well.


  2. Eeek Holly I LOVE it!!! It's so fun and fresh! Torri is very good at what she does!! I hope I can hire her in the near future ;) I bet if she took this on as a business (you guys are SUCH amazing entrepreneurs) she'd be super successful at it!
    And I just wanted to say THANK YOU for including my blog in your favorite links :D That made my year! I adore you friend :)
    On another note PS is getting close!!! Can you hardly wait like me? lol…I have never wanted to escape to a sunny spot like I do right now!


  3. Woah, it's so new & different! I was just thinking about your last blog redesign a couple days ago, as I navigate my own first blog's design (I'd love for you to make a quick visit over). Maybe your sister could help out a fellow graphic designer with a couple spots I'm working on.
    Love her company's clever name, too! I look forward to seeing more from her (her site's style reminds me of your clean, simple beauty vibe…must run in the family)!
    Happy {US} Thanksgiving Week (I know Canada already celebrated theirs)! -K :)


  4. Love the new look, it's beautiful! I hope you include the rest of your old blogs in your new blog roll list because I used it as my go-to list for places to visit and never added them all to my reader! oops ;)


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