wish me luck!

Hola (that’s Wren’s favorite word these days)!
I probably should be resting but I am both bored, hungry and tired so here I am, blogging. If there was ever a place that hampers my creativity and spirits it’s a hospital bed which is sadly where I am laying right now. Looks like my appendix is being tres unfriendly and will be removed later this afternoon so send me all your brave thoughts because I will confess that I am more than a trifle scared. I have a fun holiday post already lined up for tomorrow and hopefully I will be home for the weekend but I will try and say Hi before then.

Adios Amigos!

wish me luck!

80 thoughts on “wish me luck!

  1. No! I hope you are feeling better really, really soon.
    My hubby is a resident surgeon, and fixing an appendix is so boring, routine and easy- but never for the patient.
    Please keep us posted. Love you.


  2. Well, this is a heck of a deal!

    Here's every wish and prayer that all will be well soon.

    Maybe you can make the best of it and enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed while watching TV. And at least you don't have to clean the room or make the bed.

    Is it starting to sound like a spa yet?



  3. Awe Holly you poor thing!!!! :( I heard appendicitis is so painful, so I hope they are helping you manage through that! ALL my thoughts and well wishes are being sent your way!!! Here's to a speedy recovery! XO!


  4. Hey, there are lots of us without an appendix walking around…we should start a club!! Aren't you glad, you really don't need it! I'm sorry that you are having to go through this at this holiday time. bummer!! Hope you are back on your feet really fast!


  5. My sister just had her's out two weeks ago – and of course Nate Berkus, too. Just be careful to take all of your antibiotics and NO LIFTING ANYTHING for a few weeks. Here's to an easy recovery – and at least it's before your trip so hopefully you'll have plenty of recovery time.


  6. Oh no! I had mine out a few years ago, and I'm happy to say that (at least in my experience) the recovery isn't too bad … I was up on my feet and almost as good as new within a week.

    Best of luck!


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