Winter Wonderland

Daddy here reporting for Blog duty! I must say it feels kind of nice to be back.

Ahh yes …….. classic outdoor festivities! The crisp cold air, joy of Christmas, warm hot chocolate, and of course to top it off was sleigh rides and fireworks. Even though it was almost -15c we (including one recovering mama) couldn’t be kept inside any longer!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday!




I don’t know why but this last picture kind of reminds me of the zombies in “Zombieland”

See You Later

Winter Wonderland

15 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Well, thank you sir! First of all, I needed the smile that crossed my face when I saw the picture of the baby w/ the binky on the sled! And then the Zombie reference! he


  2. Alberta looks so beautiful in the Winter….love the snow! Wren is so cute all bundled up!Thanks for checking in, you're a good man Charlie Brown!! lol Holly please send some snow to B.C. will you!!! Looks so festive there, and yes the last photo does look like “Zombieland” Try to enjoy the season while recuperating Holly! Happy holiday to your family!

    Hugs Giggles


  3. We're glad to hear you're recovering, Holly…must be a good sign if you couldn't be kept indoors! And how cool of your sweet husband to do a blog post in your 'stead. Thanks for the fun Wintry photos; you two sure have a cute little bird there all pretty in pink!

    Happy December! :)


  4. Holly and Sean!! Thank you for being such great party hosts yesterday!!! Wren is the CUTEST little birthday girl I've ever seen! And SO good at sharing all her gifts! The cupcakes you sent me home with didn't last 5 minutes (I on the other hand DIDNT want to share lol)! They were so tasty and Nathaniel says thank you!!
    I'm sure Wren and Sean were hard at work on the closet today with the Handy Manny saw (wink wink)…
    See you guys soon in the desert for some fun in the sun!


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