Bedroom sofa

I keep saying that I am going to update our Master Reno link, and it is high on my list of things to do since it basically looks nothing like the link anymore. But with the closet still in progress it just seems like a big job. I would say that 90% of the bedroom is finished, but if you know me at all by now you know I am a 110% kinda gal. And little bits and bobs are still coming together, like our seating area which now has the map hung I picked up for $10 at auction a month or two back.
pre-grey paint.
The sofa was a thrift store find (pre bed-bug fearing days!). I almost always walk right through any and all thrift store upholstery but this one was such a cute size. I am still planning on re-upholstering it completely in the future in a light grey, but for the time being a cheap custom made slipcover does a great job of keeping the hideous green brocade under wraps.

Even though the sofa has 2 cushions I knew that in the future I would only want 1 long cushion so I asked the seamstress to make 1 cover for both cushions. This way I can still use it after re-upholstering. It also made the cover cheaper since it was less work involving zippers, etc. for the seamstress.
another seldomly seem corner of the bedroom is the entry to our closet.
It is seldomly looked at even by me. Until it is all done I try and not even think about the amount of cleaning of work left on that project. It was a gross underestimation of work by both of us, but we can already appreciate the amount of space we have gained by extending into the attic. Our old closet basically ended right behind the yellow work light.
Sean has reinforced floor joyces, insulated everything and has all the electrical done and we have decided to call in professional to mud and tape it all nicely. We will be doing bead board ceiling in here as well.
overall it had added about 100 square feet, and while the roof is sloped there is a TON of room. Once you take into account that the hanging rods and organizers will come out at least 1.5 feet from the walls neither of us will be bumping our heads, which is always good news.
As you can see there are a few awkward challenges as far as corners and exhaust vents so we are considering investing in professional help and calling California Closets in to give us some guidance. We are still so excited about working on the kitchen that we can’t quite justify the expense just yet though…
Maybe if I regain my voice this weekend I will take you on a guided video tour of the chaos that is our office/current closet. Assuming all the laundry magically gets done.
Bedroom sofa

18 thoughts on “Bedroom sofa

  1. as someone who's had california closets installed in several different homes, i felt compelled to give you my two cents, for what it's worth ;). in my current home i've had them outfit my two sons' closets and for our own walk-in i splurged with a custom carpentry job that could have paid for a year of college. ugh. my point is this…i think california closets is grossly overpriced and i wish, wish, wish our IKEA had been open when i was dealing with this. i think you could totally get a custom look by ingeniously piecing together IKEA's closet offerings. i just wish i had a closet left to do…

    whatever you do, i look forward to seeing the finished product! -wendy


  2. Would you feel comfortable sharing how much a custom slipcover usually costs? I have passed up many a lovely chair because the fabric was awful and I worried a custom slipcover would be prohibitively expensive. It seems as though surefit is phasing out loose-fit covers. I LOVE the look of all your slipcovered pieces.


  3. Thanks so much!
    Unencumbered, THANKS so much for the info. We don't personally know anyone who has worked with them before so it is great to get some feedback. A few other readers actually emailed me similar info so I think we will shop around and look into trying it ourselves (though goodness knows our lives are busy enough LOL). At least your clothes are probably beautifully organized right now versus the 8 laundry bins we are currently living out of.

    I will definitely check them out Meghan! Thanks so much for sharing the site, we are totally out of our league in this area and need any suggestions out there~

    Hi Charlotte! I think a lot of people feel intimidated about anything “custom” but definitely call around for quotes and check craigslist for local seamstresses. I actually found my lady by placing a wanted ad online, she is a stay at home mom looking to make a little extra money with small sewing jobs. It was about half the cost ($180 in total) of the quotes from any commercial companies and I love supporting local moms!


  4. Love. Love. Love that couch! It is perfect. After reading your blog for months and getting so much inspiration from you and so many other talented ladies, I decided to start my own! Hope you're enjoying the New Year!


  5. KC says:

    Love Love Love what you have done! May I suggest that you make a cloth cover for the television cords so that it doesn't distract from your ambiance?! Cords are such a necessity and can be a decorating challenge!


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