Friday Night Cookies!

After years of never seeing Sean on Friday or Saturday afternoons and evenings we have been having such a blast these last few weeks. Well, we actually didn’t see him most evenings (I used to refer to myself as a restaurant widow) so every night has been a real treat to curl up with a movie or a book with Wren. We have spent the last month catching up on movies, both old and new, that we never went to see, TV shows we’ve never had a chance to enjoy and places we rarely go.
And we baked our first batch of family cookies tonight.
We had a few disagreements on the softness of our brown sugar, the heat of the oven and the speed of the mixing. But the final result was a batch of home-made fun!

Friday Night Cookies!

11 thoughts on “Friday Night Cookies!

  1. You are creating beautiful memories for Wren! My boys (now 13 and 14) and my sister's crew (13, 16, 18) were always at the table or counter making cookies with me -sometimes all 5 of them at once! They learn so many practical measuring skills, but the best thing is hearing years later how much they enjoyed the time spent making cookies together.


  2. good for you! i feel ya, sister. my husband is a soccer coach for a living…gone every night, and all weekend, most weekends! i am CONSTANTLY saying “oh he's working”…. :( so sad. haha


  3. Yay! So glad you guys are getting to be a regular family. Still crossing my fingers we get to that stage soon ourselves. I love the family updates, please keep them coming and Sean makes a great addition to Life in the Fun Lane – you can tell him I said that! So happy & proud for you guys


  4. Okay, this is going to sound so crazy … but I always picture you guys all wearing white. You know, to go with the house. Seeing you in normal colorful clothes completely threw me off, because your pictures hardly ever have any other color in them. Ha! I wonder if I'm the only one who was thrown off by that …


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