Music Skirt

We’ve seen skirts on sinks, tables and chairs, but we decided to try an age old idea, some old sheet music and make something new. It is a fast, easy project that can be done for little to nothing if you happen to have some music laying around or if you want to print out some music like we did here.
What you will need:
– 3 or 4 sheets of music (depending on what you are adding a skirt to)
– ruler
– pencil
– scissors
– painters tape
First we picked music we liked the look of.
Then we decided on a pattern for our folding. You could do a simple accordian fold, but we decided to try box-pleating the music. We used a ruler and pencil to mark exactly where the folds would line up since the paper is quite old and doesn’t bend or fold easily without a straight edge.
After getting the first sheet sorted out the rest took no time at all.
To double the milage of our music we cut each sheet in half.
Then came the fun part, lining up and taping the paper to the bottom lip on the dresser.
We chose to use painters tape so that we could perhaps re-use the skirt on a coffee table or small table after we tire of it on this dresser. It isn’t a permanent idea, just a fun, new look for a familiar piece of furniture!
And let’s pretend the stair treads are finished for the complete look I am so excited to see someday soon!
We will be announcing our lucky giveaway winner tomorrow so pop by to see who it is (it may be you!).
Until then, please share any and all sheet music projects you have been blogging about!!

Music Skirt

22 thoughts on “Music Skirt

  1. Thanks for the fun new idea. I just ogle over that lovely old sheet music! And I'm really impressed with that great box-pleat folding!

    Also- I just had to ask…was this post written by Holly or Sean? ;) It didn't say, and for some reason I thought it sounded like it might not be Holly. Thanks again!


  2. What a cute idea! That gave me some great inspiration for a furniture piece I have {one that I had no idea what to do with!} Thank you!
    (p.s. I would L-uh-OVE if you would come over and join in on my giveaway!)


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