I’m Gonna Let Sean Explain This One…

family room February 2, 2011
When we first finished the family room about a year and a half ago we originally had the couch facing the windows. We loved the brightness, the morning light and the dreamy, flowy drapes pooling on the hardwood. But it didn’t make much sense as far as TV placement was concerned so we ended up with this layout.
Seemed good, but at about 2:30pm this afternoon Sean had a fit of nostalgia and wanted a room with a view. And when he shouted out to me in the garage “I’m gonna start moving the family room” I just nodded and went back to work.
About an hour later I came in to approximately 5 dressers and various furniture strewn about the kitchen and family room as he played with somehow placing our TV in a reasonable spot. In the process my nightstand somehow became a TV stand and the old TV cabinet (aka Wren’s Toy Depot) got shoved in a corner along with a few other tables. Looks like my plant took a small beating as well… but I’m not gonna cry over spilt milk.
There is definitely some tweaking to do but Sean is so easy going with all my decorating shennanigans that I am gonna try and play with his idea and make it work, someway, somehow.
Wren doesn’t even seem to notice anything has changed. But she might tomorrow when her toy cabinet moves into the living room where I think it will fit nicely.
Tomorrow Sean will be inviting us all in the the method behind this madness, in a rare glimpse into a husband’s decorating iniative.
ps: for all of you who ask about toy control and keeping the house from feeling like Toys R Us exploded I am working on a post for next week dedicated to that topic!

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  1. Oleander says on February 2, 2011

    why don't you just put the t.v. in the corner? then it doesn't have to block the windows at all, and you can chose to watch windows or t.v.


  2. Beth says on February 2, 2011

    Hmm… I will be interested to hear Sean's take on it. I like your old arrangement a lot better. :) :) :) But obviously whatever works for you & your family is what's best!


  3. Pine Tree Home says on February 2, 2011

    Sometimes I love it when Hubs has an idea for a switcharoo. It's a home we share so there is room for compromise. A great thing about having your own space is that you have the option to change a roo any time you please. Live with it for some time and see if you like it.


  4. Mimi says on February 2, 2011

    I agree with Oleander the t.v. would look good in the corner. Your poor plant a little TLC and it will come back in no-time. I do love your family room. Mimi x


  5. Rachel Noelle says on February 2, 2011

    Your room still looks lovely and inviting!;) Your poor plant needs some love though..lol.Hope your week is going well~Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425


  6. Sarah says on February 2, 2011

    My husband would say this is optimal for tv viewing – no glare!

    Personally, tvs in the corner make me twitch, but I'm weird. I really like it's position, but i do think it looks best on a more substantial piece if furniture.


  7. Jo - To a Pretty Life says on February 2, 2011

    Moving furniture is so fun! It's the cheapest way to get a fresh look in the house. I move mine all the time. I've even gone as far as to move the kitchen table into the living room and a sofa into the kitchen.
    I'm looking forward to your toy post and to Sean's post. My husband is a furniture mover too.


  8. laurenmack1129 says on February 2, 2011

    I think that is cute he tried to do some re arranging on his own! I do like your old set up better. But what about hanging TV above fireplace? And moving that beautiful mirror that is there now above Wren's toy dresser?
    Just a thought.


  9. Lauren says on February 2, 2011

    What if you mounted that TV above the mantle and then put that wonderful mirror on the wall behind the couches… You could free up that space in front of the windows and even have room to use that beautiful table with the marble top you posted about a few days ago.


  10. Katie says on February 2, 2011

    I just have to say,I love when husbands do the arranging. Its thoroughly amusing. and im not being sarcastic. Its like a glimpse into there minds, we get to see how things work to them!!

    This post made me smile. and i cant wait to see hollys touches!!


  11. Tonya says on February 2, 2011

    We're having the “view” vs. TV dilemma as well! I CAN NOT wait to read about your toy storage!!! I need help because Toys R Us has definitely exploded in my house (I have three girls under 5).


  12. Jana says on February 2, 2011

    Live with it this way and if you decide you dont like it you can change it, thats the fun in moving furniture…its never permanent…


  13. Ali says on February 2, 2011

    Looks GREAT! :) I like the room with the view towards the windows! :)

    I can't wait for the toy organization posts!

    Also would love a post on “great” toys for little girls! Wren's favorites!

    Does Wren have a dollhouse? Would you lean towards the Plan Toys Victorian or Pottery Barn Kids Westport dollhouse? I need help deciding!

    Have you all bought a kitchen set for sweet pea yet? There is a cute one at ikea that I have seen DIY change a little with paint and different knobs!

    ~ Ali


  14. Sue says on February 3, 2011

    I dont want to be a party pooper but seeing that tv on that little table makes me cringe! Sharing a story that might make you move it off of there. When we first made the switch from our giant ole 100 old fashioned tv into the great world of flat screen beauty my little one who was 2 at the time pulled it down on top of her off a low console table. It landed so the top on the tv flipped over and landed directly on top of her little hands till I was able to run over and pull it off of her. Her left hand was broken and I felt horrible and still feel a twinge of guilt almost 2 years later. So please take care I know the tvs are lighter but bad things can still happen.


  15. Erikita says on February 3, 2011

    The plasma is not safe in that spot, it can fall off the table and what if the baby is nearby..disaster! Maybe its been asked alredy but why not drill the tv into the the wall space above the fire place…that seems like the most ideal place to put it.


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