My new Mane Man

You already know that I impetuously decided to chop off my hair yesterday, but the scariest part wasn’t actually the decision to cut it but that I tried a new salon and stylist! I am really particular about my hair (as I think most of us are) and I felt like I wanted a fresh take on it so I went online to It was helpful to see what other local ladies said about different salons and stylists, and surprisingly how popular one local salon is. So I called, begged, and pleaded for them to squeeze me in before I changed my mind and they did!
It was the first time a guy has ever cut my hair, but it will not be the last because he was an absolutely amazing stylist and totally got me. He listened to what I wanted, how I wear my hair and styled it in a way that I can easily replicate at home, which I already have after washing my hair today. He is definitely a keeper and I will be back!
I highly recommend MUD salon to anyone looking for a salon in the Edmonton region and have nothing but rave reviews for the whole experience (10% off my first visit, $25 gift card to use next time, and fabulous treatment were a few highlights).
And if a fabulous guy by the name of Blair happens to read this one day, THANK YOU!!!
I love it.

My new Mane Man

60 thoughts on “My new Mane Man

  1. It must be the year for change – Jan 13th i chopped my hair to about your length and cut off about 18-20 inches. I went back and forth waiting for my appointment to come, i kept changing my mind and the night before i decided to cut it – its been a long time since i have had short hair and every time i have regretted it right after and wanted to glue it back on but not this time, i love it and so glad i took the plundge. Your hair looks awesome, i love it. Does Sean love it too?


  2. love the new cut! looks fabulous and I may have to snag the idea for later.

    Do you pull it back? Is it long enough for that? How do you keep it out of your face when you're working on something?


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