Salvation Pottery

Sometimes you leave a thrift store and feel so thrilled with your purchases that it completely makes up for the dozens of trips that you leave empty handed. I had just such a trip to the Salvation Army recently when I spied a set of faux-moss covered potts, all for only $5. It is not a subject I think we’ve address yet, maybe just touching on it briefly, but I have a love affair going with old urns, pots. The older (looking) the better. And these had my heart all a flutter.
So far I have only put one to good use, but I am sure the other one will find a permanent location once I pick up some spring bulbs.
In closet news, Sean has been working full time the last few days after it came to a screeching halt after my surgery in December. I am totally impressed by the progress he has made and it is shaping up really quickly (I will let him give you the grand tour soon!). It is amazing how much work gets done when you make it your full time job, right?
Salvation Pottery

9 thoughts on “Salvation Pottery

  1. I know the feeling!! I've been drooling over your cloches for ages, but not willing to shell out the full price… when out thrifting a couple days ago I found one for $1.50!! I was lighter than air leaving the store, and just wished I had someone to tell :)


  2. can't even begin to tell you how much I love your blog. It has been a big inspiration in decorating my own home…and an added bonus is that my husband likes your style so there is never any arguements on decorating. I refer to your blog a lot in my own when I write about decorating and such.


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