Spring, come out come out where ever you are!

I haven’t done much shopping at all in the last 2 months. We have been busy as bees working on the house and filling custom orders with WhiteBerry, so decorating has taken a backseat. This weekend was my first trip out shopping since the holidays I think, so I was like a kid in a candy store! Here are a few of my spring finds, although it hardly feels like spring yet.
Egg wreath’s ($20, HomeSense) have been something I’ve always loved but have yet to buy. I love all the colorful ones, but wanted to wait until I found a nice neutral one that would suit our house. As soon as I saw this one I immediately thought “Looks like Martha made it!”. It has all her signature colors, and was simply elegant so I decided to throw it in my cart.
I like that it has a hint of bling with the “sugared” eggs.
Another Martha-esque item is my new apple bowl. I can already picture it on our future marble counters (no, we haven’t officially started ripping out the kitchen but we are finalizing our cabinet order as we speak!!!).
Photobucket I love the mint color and with some lemons or red apples it will be the perfect pop of color in our white kitchen. But before then I think it will hold all our Easter eggs in the coming weeks.
And my ‘favorite find of the day’ award goes to my new hardware organizer for the office. It will be hung on my inspiration wall with my blackboard and paint swatches. I love it as it is (and for $40 I couldn’t be more thrilled!) but I am going to be adding antique library card labels to help keep inventory of how many knobs I have laying around. I tended to stash them in various drawers around the house before this came along and never knew what I had or how many, so it is nice to visually see what is on hand.
If only they had 2 of these! I already have every bin full and have a feeling that it will be an ongoing battle to limit myself to these 15 bins.
I have also been working on updating my Spring wardrobe, so be warned that there may be a few fashion posts lurking in the near future. I have no hope of wearing this stuff for weeks it seems so I need to let out my excitement somewhere~
Spring, come out come out where ever you are!

29 thoughts on “Spring, come out come out where ever you are!

  1. Holly the hardware shelving is to die for. I want to make it, do you know the dimensions about? I'm thinking wire baskets in each slot but #2 pine painted for the structure. I'd love to know the size if you don't mind.
    Great find.


  2. That hardware organizer is wonderuful! I also love that bowl your found. Great color! I always enjoy seeing your fashion posts, Holly, so I'm looking forward to your spring outfits.


  3. loooooooove everything as usual! any chance a blogger friend (moi) can beg beg beg you to sell some of your blue color wheel knobs???? pretty please with a cherry, or macaroon, on top. ;)


  4. Holly, the HomeSense on Calgary Trail had one of the shelving organizer things today (Tuesday) when I was there. It's always best to have two of something!


  5. Whoa! Hold the phone!!
    What is the apple bowl sitting on ? Is that white washed ? Distressed ? weathered ? I wanna make something like that! Right now!!! But, I don't know how!!!! Some sort of directions, Pretty please ???
    ~ Christie


  6. I love that hardware organizer!!! And that egg wreath goes so well with your style and your beautiful home. And can't wait to see your new spring wardrobe…was missing those posts of what you wear :-)


  7. Holly I love all your finds but because I'm a weirdo I couldn't keep my eyes off the weathered driftwood/barnwood-ish dresser you used for the apple bowl pictures. Did you do that? It is beautiful! I would love to know the technique you used.


  8. Thanks so much everyone!

    Jaime, it is 27 inches tall and 22 inches wide.

    To everyone who asked: the bowl was from Homesense. I saw it on my shopping trip ($12 I believe) but forgot to put it in my cart. My
    sweet mom came by a couple days later with it as a surprise.

    Amanda, LOL you crack me up lady! They were from Anthro last summer. Actually now that I look, all the knobs in the organizer are from Anthro!

    Jennie, I am SOOOO going to check it out this week thanks so much for the heads up!!! (My wallet probably won't be so grateful LOL)

    To everyone who asked about the dresser it sits on, I wish I could take credit for the finish but that is something that only years and years of wear can do! It is an antique that has slowly lost all it's paint. I scooped it up last year for $40 and never had the heart to touch it with a drop of paint, and never will for that matter~

    Maybe I will try to recreate something soon and see what happens.


  9. oh, believe you me pretty lady, i know where they're from… i missed out on them before they were gone. :(

    if you want to sell any… i'm interested! i've been searching ebay ever since, hoping they'd pop up. no luck.


  10. Oh that really is an amazing organizer shelf! So pretty, with great color & texture. I didn't realize you bought your hardware in bulk, but I guess that makes sense, since you do a lot of pieces, and if you see something you like, might as well get as many as you can! I've really loved those color wheel knobs since you first showed us a photo of them, and they all look so pretty in those bins!


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